Wuxi and Bristol-Myers Squibb collaborates

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Bristol-Myers Squibb now collaborates with the much established WuXi PharmaTech. The strategic partnership wants to conduct stability studies of new chemical entities to support global marketing applications. The agreement with Bristol Meyers is in line to develop a fully cGMP-compliant analytical testing facility Shanghai. It will be build up by WuXi in 25,000 square foot area, fully equipped and operated. Bristol Meyers will provide stability samples which are stored and tested in the facility along with other services. Analytical testing, metrology, pharmaceutical science, quality assurance, sample management, stability testing will be provided by WuXi and stability data reporting for global dossier submissions by Bristol-Myers. The companies WuXi PharmaTech chairman and CEO Ge Li Bristol-Myers will continue to help and improve its R&D productivity with innovation-driven, cost-effective and fully integrated R&D service platform. Bristol-Myers Squibb announced the partnership will expand the relationship with WuXi and strengthens its presence in China as well.

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