Protein Nrf2 Promotes Atherosclerosis

Researchers have recently discovered that a protein Nrf2 plays a vital role in some antioxidant therapies and also promotes atherosclerosis – clogging of arteries.The protein, Nrf2, has been thought to be an important drug-therapy target for diseases such as cancer because it can induce chemo-preventive activity, leading to the release of numerous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory genes and enzymes.The research has done from University of California researchers.  Physicians could soon be able to point out why some antioxidant therapies are not yielding the desired effects. Earlier, researchers had reasoned that Nrf2, with its potent ability to boost antioxidants, might also be useful in combating the cell and tissue damage, or oxidation that leads to atherosclerosis. However, UCLA scientists found that while Nrf2 boosted antioxidant properties in an animal model, it also raises plasma cholesterol levels and cholesterol content in the liver and thus increases the development of atherosclerosis.   


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