European Pharmacists call for pharmacist access To electronic patient records

The Pharmaceuctical Group of the European Union (PGEU) the association representing Community Pharmacists, calls for pharmacists to be granted access to electronic patient records in a statement on E Health released. The statement points out that E Health represents a major opportunity to improve patient safety and make health services in Europe more cost effective and efficient. Appropriate deployment of both e-prescribing systems and electronic health records, as well as other ICT tools such as decision support systems, can significantly contribute to the minimisation of harm to patients who have to take multiple medications. While there is wide acceptance of pharmacists’ involvement in e-prescribing systems, when it comes to issues related to sharing information contained in a patient’s electronic health record, pharmacists do not yet have the level of involvement consistent with their potential to use their professional skills and knowledge to optimise patient safety. Pharmacists’ “read” and “write” access to an electronic health record is necessary to realise the potential of practitioners to improve patient safety, support development of new patient-centric services, improve interdisciplinary work within the healthcare team and increase quality and ensure continuity of care provided to the patient.


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