Siemens promotes breast cancer awareness

eHEALTH BureauOctober is a Breast Cancer Awareness month. Siemens  Healthcare Sector has started a worldwide campaign to increase the public’s understanding about breast cancer. Siemens is asking Internet users to upload their favorite portrait photo to a special web site. There all photos will be collected to create a virtual pink ribbon, the symbol of solidarity with breast cancer patients. As soon as the ribbon has traveled around the world once, Siemens will donate 50,000 Euros to the non-profit Susan G. Komen organisation which is involved worldwide in the fight against breast cancer. As an additional step, an independent institute was requested to survey the knowledge of women aged 25-65 about breast cancer and early detection. The focus of this survey is on Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC states), the USA, Germany, Sweden and Austria. Siemens will inform the public about the results of the survey in the spring of 2011. In step with the information required from the women of these countries, Siemens will develop awareness and consultation material. “More than 10% of all women will be stricken with breast cancer during their life time. Despite this high number, large deficits exist in knowing about this disease and about early detection  examinations”, said Herrmann Requardt, CEO, Siemens Healthcare Sector. The objective of our campaign is to heighten the awareness for this disease so that more women use the means available for early detection. As research says, breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in women, with numbers reaching close to 30% worldwide. Incidences of breast cancer in India are on a rise and reports as of 2008 state that nearly 100,000 new cases of breast cancer were detected on an annual basis. This number is expected to go up to 250,000 by 20151. As per media reports, 1 amongst 22 women in India is likely to suffer from breast cancer during her lifetime. Siemens Healthcare has developed comprehensive solutions for early detection and treatment of breast cancer under the collective name of “Breast Care Solutions”. These comprise a combination of different imaging methods such as Ultrasound and Mammography augmented by IT as well as radiation therapy. Siemens places special focus on the third dimension: 3D imaging of the female breast using two of the latest Siemens technologies, the ultrasound system ACUSON S2000 Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS) and 3D tomosynthesis with the digital mammography system, Mammomat Inspiration. They enable physicians to discern more details than earlier. The multi-modality approach to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of breast diseases (senology) is becoming more popular among physicians. Imaging techniques such as ultrasound and 3D breast tomosynthesis play an increasingly significant role


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