Mityung launches, a Global healthcare ecosystem

eHEALTH Bureau HealthCare ignorance to the roots and HealthCare insufficiency in the world causing indefinite tribulations to the human kind, and disconnected healthcare systems fabricate health information islands due to unavailability of Patient Medical Records when it is needed.  Unavailability of global collaboration platform for doctors and absence of centralised Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for consumers have created gaps amongst consumers and healthcare providers to achieve precise diagnosis. Every year millions of people die across the world due to lack of sufficient healthcare access, however doctor always demand individual & family health history for precise health problem diagnosis, but unfortunately they have to rely upon patient’s memory. Mityung, an Information Infrastructure Engineering and technology Company, has launched its advanced technology innovations in conventional healthcare systems, those operating in silos and also redefined global healthcare system to facilitate healthcare problems solution through a powerful, flexible and yet easy-to-use health information system targeting point-of-care, decision support and research uses. Mityung built, an extraordinary Global healthcare ecosystem on clouds for healthcare consumers and a practice management source for healthcare providers; MDYantra Technology Platform enables consumers to maintain their medical records and doctors to provide omnipresence healthcare across the globe by increasing precision in patient health problem diagnosis.  MDYantra is aimed at centralisation of electronic medical records and made them accessible globally when needed by doctor for patient health problem diagnosis and bring revolution to global healthcare fraternity. Just observing how consumers continuously adapt products and technologies, services and solutions to widen the spectrum of usage by leveraging integration. Envisioning growth of other catalyst market MDYantra is designed to leverage usage scenarios by providing the initial innovation impetus and broadening market acquisition by leveraging catalyst industry growth. Considering industry dynamics and a burgeoning image of human in past few years, continuous consumer adaptation provides an exponential stream of revenue-producing insights.An obvious system, MDYantra is designed around the natural workflow of healthcare function and focused to solve healthcare problems through a powerful, flexible and yet easy-to-use health information system targeting point-of-care, and clinical decision support. “MDYantra is to enable every family for preserving their medical history electronically and accessing omnipresent healthcare. MDYantra will also facilitates telemedicine providers worldwide and will eventually build the knowledge base of the human species.” said Narendra Singh Garbyal, CEO of Mityung Infotech. MDYantra is well-integrated consumer-oriented healthcare information platform to provide most convenient, detailed and service oriented medical care. For individual consumer, access to precise healthcare becomes easier when medical records are easily sharable to treating doctor and meet the needs of doctors by reducing the barriers patient management.MDYantra is a potential platform for economically challenged suffering souls to leverage financial support on their medical treatment expenses and open doors for donors to extend the boundary of social reach.  

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