Services in Modern Health Care Industry- A Columbia Asia Experience

Columbia Asia Group, a recognised name in international healthcare, has come up with state-of-the-art healthcare service units in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Kolkata. Already a trusted name in Asia, the group has brought to India the culture of hospitals with modern facilities focusing on complete customer satisfaction.

Healthcare delivery in India is changing due to the growing awareness among the middle-income groups. Standards of living are continuing to rise. With this comes an increase in demand for quality healthcare services. Columbia Asia hospitals’ medical services are designed to address the changing healthcare needs of millions of Asians. With well-established hospitals in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and now India, Columbia Asia is today a recognized name in international healthcare engaged in the delivery of modern healthcare services to the growing middle-income groups of India.

Refined Front Office Services

Available in all Columbia Asia’s hospitals, the Customer Care department focuses on all aspects of customer/patient relations. The main goal of this department is to continuously improve customers’ satisfaction by providing efficient and friendly services. Its main duties include managing the reception desk for inquires, movement of patients within the hospital, appointment scheduling, registration, admission, bed management, in patient services, customer feedback, problem solving, and lobby and entrance management.

Refined Catering Services

Caf Columbia, a brand extension of Columbia Asia and available in all of Columbia Asia’s hospitals, aims to provide a pleasurable culinary and dining experience to our patients, visitors and staff. Headed by a manager and chef, the caf was developed to better manage in-house food services, in accordance with the advice and guidance of our dietitians. The in-patient dining experience will involve stylishly uniformed staff  in charge of taking orders and serving meals right up to the bedside, balanced and well presented meals served in portable hot boxes and a wide selection of menu tailored to suite patients’ dietary requirement. Our in-patients’ meal sequence consists of eight meals a day  starting with Sunrise (hot beverage), followed by Breakfast and Midmorning (cool beverage). Lunch is served with side salad and dessert, followed by Tea (hot beverage) and Sunset (snack)  soup service. Dinner will then be served and towards the end of the day, patients will be given Nightcap (hot non caffeinated beverage). The main meals come in four choices – Local Favorites, Heart Healthy (vegetarian), International and Rice Bowl (noodle and soft rice-based items). The Caf”s general dining area covers a buffet counter focusing on breakfast, lunch and dinner items, with an all day convenient snack menu. All food items prepared are heart-friendly for better dietary management, without compromising on taste. The Caf Columbia is created to compliment the hospital’s vision in healthcare management, strictly guided by brand standards.

Refined Customer Relations

True to its motto “Customer First”, Columbia Asia’s hospitals place high importance on customer relations, via excellent customer services and high level of efficiency and accountability, to compliment its customer care and brand standards. Its goal is to be a partner to its customers by providing a touch of Columbia friendly hospitality in all of its hospitals in the region.

Refined Ward Management

Ward Management in Columbia Asia is collectively managed by the Customer Care, Nursing and Support Services Departments. Its well trained Customer Care personnel are in charge of room allocation and movement of patients, upon registration to admission to the room, while the daily upkeep of the wards is done by Support Services staff and the nurses. Columbia Asia Hospital wards are stylishly designed, blending colours and furnishings that project 21 century healthcare brand identity. The area is maintained by a team of dedicated housekeeping attendants, trained to ensure high hygiene standards  monitored by the Nursing and Support Services departments.

“Till date, the hospitals records the lowest rate of infection, benchmarked on the international figures published by Centre for Disease Control (CDC). This reduces chances of infection in the hospital and in turn, contribute towards patients’ speedy recovery”

Refined Hygiene Management

The main function of Hygiene Management, one of the important areas in Columbia Asia Hospitals, is to contain infection within the facility. Till date, the hospitals records the lowest rate of infection, benchmarked on the international figures published by Centre for Disease Control (CDC). This reduces chances of infection in the hospital and in turn, contribute towards patients’ speedy recovery. Hygiene management in Columbia Asia hospital follows stringent international protocols and best practices, which include excellent resources and infrastructure for hand hygiene practices, hospital waste management, sharp disposable system, availability of adequate personal protection equipment, isolation practices, barrier nursing, use of medical disposable and excellent disinfection and sterilization practice. The staff is well trained on all these protocols and has planned scheduled training modules. Internal and external audits used to maintain our hygiene management standards. On top of this, feedback from patients and guests also serve as a push factor to continuously improve our effort in infection control.


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