Awards for Exemplary Implementation of e-Governance Initiatives (2008-09)

The criteria for selection of Awards, included that all nominated projects should have been operational for a period of not less than one year (excluding the pilot period).

Specific criteria for the Sectoral Award, which had healthcare as the focus sector for the year 2007-08 included (i) Outreach (ii) Number of Services (iii) Enhancem-ent of efficiency (iv) Ease of transaction (v) Appropriateness of context and degree of localisation (vi) Accessibility and User Convenience (vii) Scalability and (viii) Sustainability.

Specific criteria for awarding the Best Government Website award included (i) Information Availability (ii) Service delivery (iii) Public access (iv) Design & Visual appeal and (v) Frequency of Updation.

The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances presents National Awards for e-Governance every year, to recognise and promote excellence in implementation of e-governance initiatives.

The purpose of this award is to, recognise achievements in the area of e-Governance; disseminate knowledge on effective methods of designing and implementing sustainable e-Governance initiatives; encourage horizontal transfer of successful e-Governance solutions; promote and exchange experiences in solving problems, mitigating risks, resolving issues and planning for success. Nominations for these awards were invited from Central Ministries/Departments, States/UTs, Districts, Local Bodies, PSUs, Civil Society Organisations and the Industry.

Special Sectoral Award – Focus Sector: Health

Gold Award

Tele-opthalmology Project-Vision Centre, Dept. of Health, Agartala, Govt. of Tripura

This project aims at providing quality eye care services to rural patients in the State of Tripura in an all integrated manner, whereby every case is accounted for, classified and closed with a solution. People with poor eye sight in remote villages of Tripura used to have to travel to capital the city of Agartala due to inadequate medical facilities and limited eye care specialists in rural and inaccessibel areas.

The project provides comprehensive eye care by utilising the advances in medical sciences, bio-medical engineering and its convergence with information and communication technology effectively through a Vision Centre that facilitates providing of quality care at the doorstep of the rural population. It is a comprehensive model for providing primary and preventive eye care in a decentralised manner. All patients visiting the Centre for the first time undergo a thorough examination by the Ophthalmologic Assistant (OA) with doctor’s consultation and the medical data is recorded electronically using a database management system. During subsequent visits, the trained OAs provide the required eye care services, after which the patient is put on live consultation via the network with the base hospital doctor who interacts with the patient over a video-conferencing system. On an average 7 – 8 patients visit a Vision Centre in a day. The project serves a rural population size of around 26,48,074 people in remote areas across 38 blocks of 4 districts in the State of Tripura.

Silver Award

Drug Logistics Information and Management System (DLIMS) Central Medical Stores Organisation,Health & Family Welfare Dept., GandhinagarGovt. of Gujarat

The DLIMS handles procurement, storage and distribution of medicines, drugs, injectibles, surgical goods and medical equipment and distributes them to medical colleges, district and taluka hospitals, community health centres and municipal corporation (435 Direct Demanding Offices). The system receives indents online from the 430 direct demanding offices spread over the State. All activities of indenting, procurement, receipt dispatch, billing etc. are integrated in a single database, which helps maintain accuracy and integrity of data throughout the process. The supplier data is also stored to enhance transparency of the system. The system improves efficiency and effectiveness of the drug logistics and warehousing process by automated online indenting, monitoring of requirements versus availability of stock, generating payment orders, automatic intimation of orders to suppliers, automatic updation of stock on receipt of delivery, automatic generation of late supply notices, etc.

Bronze Award

Hospital Management Information System
Health & Family Welfare Dept., Gandhinagar
Govt. of Gujarat

The HMIS is an integrated information system which facilitates efficiency of government managed hospitals and quality health services by providing a holistic view of the functioning of all district level hospitals at the state head quarter level. Earlier the hospital statistics were sent by individual hospitals at the end of the month and consolidated later, so the hospital performance figures during the month were not available. Also the hospital administrators were not able to get information about each department, resource scheduling, patients’ clinical data and demographic details online. Now they get it through HMIS easily. The system has dramatically improved efficiency in terms of saving time, prompt response, updated patient records, workflow assisted efficiency in service delivery, online disease surveillance and flexibility of operations to state administrators and Medical Superintendents, Doctors and other healthcare staff, and citizens.

Best Government Website

Bronze Award
Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra

This is a comprehensive and interactive health information and service delivery website. The website provides effective dissemination of Medical and Health related information to the citizens of Nagpur. The user interface has been kept functional and uncomplicated, with text materials designed for easy reading. A dedicated team is responsible for revising the contents on a regular basis and upkeep of the web servers and databases.

It provides for online registration and counselling. It helps to improve disease surveillance and control through active involvement of all pathology labs and hospitals. The website covers blood donation, eye donation, clinic registration and hospital registration and provides 30 services. It serves up to 5 million users in adjacent districts. It is complemented by a call centre and an SMS based server.

Additionally, it provides a Student Health Card System for online monitoring, a blood donor debit card and a online Drug Management and Information System.


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