LightSpeed Volume Computed Tomography XT from GE Healthcare

  • The first-ever computed tomography (CT) scanner volume CT system capable of capturing Images of the heart and coronary arteries in just five heartbeats.
  • Earlier and more definitive diagnosis at very less radiation.
  • Innovative Volume CT XT system maintains outstanding image quality while reducing a patient’s radiation exposure by up to 83% percent for diagnostic cardiac scans.
  • An entire body scan can be completed in less than 6 seconds – something patients prefer who otherwise have claustrophobia.

LightSpeed VCT XT has two new technology:

The Snap Shot PulseTM technique which:

  • Allows for quick switching of the X-ray Exposure
  • Synchronized Table movement
  • Determination of scan location
  • Accurate and high precision synchronization of X-ray with respect to ECG
  • It uses prospectively triggered axial step and shoot scans in which x-rays are turned on only during the required heart phase and turned off completely at all other time.
  • Radiation exposure typically can be reduced to the range of 2.8 mSv � i.e. 83% less dose than that of retrospective gated acquisitions with ECG controlled mA modulation.
  • Snapshot Pulse is an adaptable technology where the timing of the scanning is determined by calculating the length and the variability of previous cardiac cycle by monitoring the ECG from the patient.

GE’s VolumeShuttle� a technology that

  • Addresses the need for wide anatomical coverage (80mm) with up to 24% less radiation exposure compared to a conventional 40 mm cine perfusion protocol.
  • This single injection acquisition generates clinically comparable perfusion maps and angiographic studies and allows clinicians to see more anatomy and enables whole organ anatomical and physiological assessment.

Defigard 400 Multi-pulse Biphasic Defibrillator from Schiller India

Hansa Soneji
Product Specialist
Schiller Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.
D.C. Silk Mills Compound, Kondivitta Lane
Andheri East
Mumbai – 400 059
Phone: 022 6692 0520

  • India’s first indigenously manufactured Multi-pulse Biphasic Defibrillator
  • Lower tissue damage to the patient’s heart and facilitates faster recovery
  • Large 6.4″ colour TFT screen
  • Suitable for Adult and paediatric application
  • Multi-pulse Biowave Technology for external defibrillation. Selectable from 1 to 180J.
  • Visual instructions and simple 3 steps operation
  • 3 channel memory

Trends :

  • 24 hours ECG
  • Last 11 shocks data saved
  • Trim Knob and direct function keys for Print, Mute and freeze
  • Digital out for ECG data to Central Monitoring Station
  • Intergrated thermal printer with auto and manual modes (optional)

Glucocard 01 the latest Blood Glucose Meter from Arkray Piramal Medical Pvt Ltd.

Arkray Piramal Medical Pvt. Ltd.
Nicholas Piramal Tower,
G.K. Marg, Lower Parel,
Mumbai 400013
Tel: 022 � 3204 3204


  • Superior Accuracy and Precision to patients with diabetes
  • A unique and Patented combination of a Ruthenium based mediator and thin film carbon coated electrodes which makes the strips free from temperature and humidity interference thus ensuring accurate and precise results
  • Automatic calibration � There is no need to manually calibrate the instrument before using (as in other BG meters available in India). The calibration code is embedded in each individual strip and the meter get automatically calibrated once the strip is inserted. This ensures that there is no chance of manual error and the reading is accurate.
  • Temperature Compensation Mechanism � Each Glucocard 01 has an in-built thermostat, which recognises the atmospheric temperature and makes a correction in the meter software so as to give a “temperature corrected measurement result”
  • Dual Packaging � each Glucocard 01 bottle comes in a dual package of a laminated aluminium foil enclosed within a cardboard carton. This ensures minimum interference from humidity and temperature
  • Enhanced shelf-life � Once the bottle of strips is opened, the strips can be safely used for up to 6 months (unlike other strips which have to be used within 3 months of opening)
  • Under dosing detection � Glucocard 01 has in-built mechanisms to detect for under dosing (less sample application). Hence in the event of less sample application, the instrument will not perform the test and not give erroneous readings.
  • Tiniest sample size � The sample required for testing with Glucocard 01 is just 0.3 micro litres. This ensures a virtually error-free and pain-free testing experience for the patient.

eClinician: Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) from CoreSys Infotech

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) are relatively new to India though they have been in use by Doctors in the West for more than a decade. CDSS systems are difficult to create considering their complex database requirements. While clinic or hospital management applications can be created with the right efforts in a few months, a functional CDSS require years to create with a quality database and supporting information.

CoreSys Infotech has put in continuous efforts for over 8 years to create eClinician, their latest CDSS. Their first edition has over 2000 users spread over 6 countries and has clear leadership in the Indian market. The company has fulltime doctors continuously working with their team of 26 specialists in developing and upgrading the database.

eClinician has modules which provide Doctors with disease information as well as decision making support. The database is created at the General Practitioner (GP) level, which comes in handy for any specialist for cross-reference as well. The new eClinician comes with an Electronic Medical Record, which replaces paper records in Clinics.

CDSS module

An easy to use, symptom-to-diagnosis model, which is pending a patent approval, is the key highlight of eClinician. You can choose the patient’s symptoms from the comprehensive list of clinical presentations and the system will give you a probable diagnosis with amazing accuracy. Even the uncommon conditions are not missed by the system. The system highlights a range of probabilities in clinical diagnosis and hence the number of patient visits to reach a diagnosis can be reduced considerably.

4568 disease information is provided in summarised, bullet points for quick reference in nine standard headings, namely, basics, clinical presentations, clinical examinations, etiology, difficult diagnosis, lab, treatment, medications and prognosis.

If you have to refer the causes of a disease, you need to choose that disease from the list and view Etiology. The data is very easy to access and in most user-friendly format. While the busy schedule of doctors does not permit them with the time to refer to hundreds of pages in textbooks, this system is a ready-made solution to keep updated. The company offers online updates, which will keep the database in line with new developments. ICD 10 for 2000 diseases has been included in the system.

In the lab investigations module, 1300 lab tests explained and their normal values are given in SI units and Conventional units.

In the drug interactions section all the generic drugs are listed with their interactions, contraindications and precautions.

HIV and AIDS module is a comprehensive manual with treatment guidelines and drug interactions. The guidelines are based on WHO and NACO recommendations.

EMR module

This module enables outpatient management in clinics. Has patient registration module, history taking, general and system examinations, lab, prescription, billing and administrative sections.

CDSS potential in Rural India

In challenging rural environments Doctors work with minimum lab and diagnostic facilities. It is also not practical for them to get specialist’s advice at the right time. The CDSS system can be used for a second opinion as well as for reaching diagnosis in difficult cases. Both patients and doctors will benefit in the process.

CDSS to Tele Triage

CoreSys is in the process of developing a Tele Triage system as a logical extension to their CDSS. The triage systems can be used in rural India for telephonic medical recommendations to patients. The goal of the system is to filter and give directions to patients on whether they need home care, need to visit a doctor with an appointment or need to rush to an emergency room. Our system will address specific Indian scenarios and conditions from both the patient end and the advisor end.

Open and Inclusive Marketing Plan

After analysing the market trend for the first two years, CoreSys has decided to involve Doctors and Professionals in marketing the eClinician system. So they have come up with an Independent Business Associate (IBA) concept. Anyone with a laptop computer can sign up as an IBA and start selling the products and earn handsome returns. The IBA concept has attracted a large number of Doctors who are looking to earn extra income by spending a few hours a week to promote CDSS. The company provides training and support product promotion. CoreSys plans to have an IBA in every town in India by end of the year.

Cortex (Online Hospital Management System) from CoreSys Infotech

The Web is taking over traditional applications in most industries. This trend is going to reflect in Hospital Management as well. The connectivity speeds are increasing and more and more users are going online in India. An effective Web-based system shall be ideal for small and medium size hospitals.

CoreSys Infotech has launched Cortex – a web based Hospital Management System, which can function online as well as within an intranet environment. Cortex has all the modules required for a multi specialty hospital like Patient appointments, Registration, Billing, Insurance, Pharmacy, IP, Operation Theater, Lab, Imaging, Canteen, Inventory, Purchase, HR, Payroll, Accounts and Finance.

The system maybe integrated with a website and the patients can take appointment, view results etc. online. Cortex is functional on any Internet browser and is free of platforms. So investment in hardware and software for hospitals can be minimised while opting for Cortex. CoreSys also offers an integrated solution of Hospital Management with a comprehensive College Management System for automation of medical colleges.

SAPPHIRE� Release 5 Laboratory Information Management Suite (LIMS) from LabVantage

  • Zero footprint and configurable off-the-shelf (COTS) LIMS that consolidates functionality typically found in multiple laboratory systems.
  • It can tailor point specific or enterprise wide solutions to address each organisation’s unique needs.
  • Ubiquitous Global Deployment-Multi-nationalisation (M18N) compliance for data translation, time zones, regional settings, and date formatting coupled with Unicode support enables seamless multi-site and multi-language deployment and collaboration.
  • Enhanced User Experience – Leveraging a true zero footprint thin-client architecture, SAPPHIRE R5 lowers cost of ownership by providing secure enterprise-wide access with no plug-ins, downloads, or applets on the client. SAPPHIRE R5 includes greater out-of-the-box configuration options with over 600 pre-configured SAPPHIRE templates ready to deploy and/or modify. Additional security options, calculations, and business rules provide improved security and knowledge management based on a user’s role and/or department.
  • Expanded Functionality – Across the board enhancements of the SAPPHIRE R5 suite of modules including, stability and shelf life analyses, advanced storage and logistics (ASL), BioBanking, and the SAPPHIRE SAP EnterpriseConnector. Also available are the:
  • Recently released Corrective Action & Preventive Action (CAPA) module – monitors quality control and assurance for maintaining compliance with standards and regulatory guidelines
  • New reagents and standards management module – full-featured management, maintenance, and tracking of laboratory consumables.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics-Driven Decision Support:
  • SAPPHIRE Dashboards – powerful business management tool provides an “at a glance” view of definable key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • SAPPHIRE Ad-hoc Query Tool – real-time “in-application” data mining and analysis without the need for SQL programming.
  • SAPPHIRE Reporting – seamlessly embedded, on-demand reporting and data visualization tools.
  • SAPPHIRE Advanced Reporting � robust information and performance management tools powered by Business Objects�.
  • SAPPHIRE Analytics – built-in visual charting for control charts and trend charts.
  • SAPPHIRE Advanced Analytics – full-featured SPC charting and statistics powered by Northwest Analytical�.
  • SAPPHIRE Operational Intelligence � real-time, workflow-driven, multi-source data integration, visualization, and analytics powered by InforSense�.
  • Multi-optional application server and standards-based services – expansive support for industry-leading application servers including: IBM WebSphere�, BEA WebLogic� and Sybase� EA Server. Expanded support for standards-based Web services methods for ease of integration with external applications.

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