January 2008

New Advancements in Electrophoresis Technology

Conventionally, Electrophoresis testing is considered as difficult and time testing. Now things have certainly changed with availability of advanced hardware, software and reagent systems from SEBIA, France. SEBIA Capillarys simplifies classic electrophoresis testing providing substantial labor and cost savings. Capillarys utilizes liquid flow electrophoresis through very narrow capillary tubes. Capillarys provides complete walk-away automation from bar-coded primary sample tube to final result with simpler operations. Able to accommodate any size and type of workload, Capillarys provide all benefits of electrophoresis with full automation, but with more Improved Reproducibility, Enhanced Resolution, Increased Sensitivity and Unsurpassed Convenience. Capillarys requires minimal attention offering maximum time saving. Capillarys can perform electrophoresis testing and interpretation in few minutes only.


No staining is required in Capillarys. Direct detection at a precise wavelength enhances precision and accuracy.  Also no densitometer or scanner is required.  Capillarys results and Quantitation is Real Time – on-line.  Unlimited menu expansion is now possible through the addition of a gradient technology, which allows protein detection at wavelengths ranging from 200-600 nm. Capillarys menu offers Protein, Immunotyping, High resolution Protein, Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin  (CDT new marker for alcohol consumption) and most important Hemoglobin. In Future Capillarys menu will be extended to many more Special proteins.

The Capillarys Hemoglobin assay provide complete automation. Direct analysis is performed from the bar-coded, primary tube on packed, unwashed red blood cells. Red cell hemolysate is automatically prepared on the instrument; sample migration occurs; and relative quantification & identification of the hemoglobin fractions take place all with a throughput of 34 samples per hour. Multiple capillaries functioning in parallel, yet independently, allow seven simultaneous analyses.

The Capillarys Hemoglobin assay gives easy to interpret, clean result curves without extraneous peaks, Enhanced resolution & focalization in the separation of variants. This facilitates accurate quantification of Hb A2, F, and S with impressive correlation with HPLC technology. Capillarys is much better than HPLC for separation of Hb E from A2 fraction and allows identification and quantitation of this fraction.  Capillarys also separates Hb variants like Hb H, Bart and Punjab.  Generally electrophoresis results require experience for interpretation.  Capillarys software provides on line assistance for interpretation.  Software is easy to use.  Both the gel image and curve are displayed and included on the report for easy editing, interpretation and complete reporting. Complete patient demographic identification is available including free fields for customization purposes. A comprehensive patient report can be produced. Capillarys also has Bi-directional interface (LIS)  capability.


Capillarys is a Fourth Generation Electrophoresis System with advanced technology and features as per the requirements of today’s Diagnostics laboratories. Capillarys is available in two models :

1. Capillarys 2 : With 8 Capillarys where 8 samples can be processed simultaneously, suitable for big volume labs.

2. Minicap : With 2 Capillarys where 2 samples can be processed simultaneously, suitable for small volume labs.

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