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Fortis, Microsoft to enhance healthcare offering through technology

Fortis, one of India’s leading healthcare providers has entered into an agreement with Microsoft India to deploy solutions and services based on the Microsoft platform aimed at enhancing knowledge management and productivity. Based on the 4P vision of healthcare – Prevention, Prediction, Personalization and Participation, Microsoft solutions will enable Fortis Healthcare collaborate on various processes online using best-in-class Office and Exchange applications. Microsoft will focus towards making documents, workflows, projects and performance management on a common SharePoint portal available to Fortis employees, doctors and nurses across all its centers.  Essentially the deployment of the solutions will bring together diverse patient data from multiple sources and make it instantly available at the point of care, thereby enhancing productivity and most importantly, patient care. Microsoft Healthcare Solution Group team, led by Dr John Brimm, visited Fortis hospitals and interacted with the doctors. The team demonstrated Azyxxi, a solution designed by doctors for doctors in one of the busiest hospitals in the US. The Enterprise Agreement Fortis claims enables it to streamline their group-wide investment and leverage best collaborative solutions. It also allows them to scale up without worrying about software management and focus more on healthcare technology.

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