HCG Hospitals in Bhavnagar has marked a significant advancement in joint replacement surgery with the successful completion of a Staged Bilateral Total Knee Replacement for a 121 kg obese patient. This groundbreaking achievement underscores the hospital’s commitment to delivering exceptional orthopedic care.

Under the leadership of esteemed Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr. Smit Ranmalsinh Vadher, the joint replacement team at HCG Hospitals demonstrated unparalleled expertise and precision in addressing the challenges posed by severe knee pain compounded by obesity.

The patient, who had endured debilitating knee pain due to excessive weight, had faced numerous obstacles in finding a solution before arriving at HCG Hospitals. Previous consultations at various medical facilities had recommended weight loss before surgery, an impractical suggestion given the patient’s limited mobility. However, at HCG Hospitals, the patient found renewed hope under the care of Dr. Smit, who meticulously planned and executed the complex surgery.

Dr. Smit highlighted the complexity of the case, emphasizing that the patient’s obesity presented additional challenges compared to typical knee osteoarthritis cases. Obese patients often face higher complication rates, including superficial wound infections, prosthetic joint infections, and implant loosening due to overload. To address these challenges, the surgical team at HCG Hospitals utilized specially imported TKR implants, ensuring a customized fit for the patient.

The success of the procedure, coupled with the patient’s rapid recovery, underscores the effectiveness of HCG Hospitals’ comprehensive approach to patient care. This approach encompasses surgical precision, dedicated rehabilitation strategies, and compassionate support from the hospital staff.

Reflecting on the journey to recovery, the patient expressed gratitude for the expertise and compassionate care provided by Dr. Smit, the medical team, and the dedicated staff at HCG Hospitals. The successful surgery has enabled the patient to reclaim a normal life, free from the burden of debilitating knee pain.

HCG Hospitals continues to lead the way in orthopedic care, pushing boundaries to deliver innovative solutions and improve the quality of life for patients facing joint-related challenges.

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