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How digital tools are bringing paradigm shift in patient care?

With influx of new age technology, the Indian healthcare sector is continuously undergoing a transformation. Technologies are helping to address traditional challenges of healthcare sector. Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic rise in digital adoption by hospitals and doctors. It is changing the way the healthcare personnel performs every day. From day routines to complex workflows, digital has left Its Imprint at every juncture.


Digital acceptance has a lot to do with the recent push from the Indian government and startups solving an array of problems. Digital is truly at the forefront of the change.
The adoption of new age digital technologies is transforming the Indian healthcare delivery. The availability, accessibility and adoption of modern digital tools by healthcare practitioners and experts are helping the Indian healthcare sector to move towards a better future.

Currently, tech giants, startups alike are working on developing Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Machine learning based diagnostic solutions for removing the distance and cost barriers.

Healthcare sector has long shied away from the digital and smartphone revolution. However, with all the new age digital technologies and tools, there is a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery. The future of healthcare delivery is progressively moving from reactive care to preventive healthcare. This is ultimately going to result in replacing the physical medicine and healthcare system with digital treatments.


Breaking the geographical boundaries
The days have gone when a patient sitting in rural area planning to travel to an urban city for seeking a second opinion or better treatment. Now, with the use of technology, a patient can simply share his / her reports with the doctor digitally to save time and monetary resources.

Looking at the doctor and patient communication map, the wide gap between them is narrowing. With innovative mobile applications, vaccination reminders, digital healthcare records and report sharing, the concept of “care anywhere” is coming into the real healthcare delivery picture. In every way, technology is optimising care in clinics through e-clinics and virtual hospitals.

Empowering medical expertise
With growing lifestyle diseases, the number of doctors and healthcare professionals including clinical staff is decreasing. This shortage of medical staff is resulting in adverse consequences. As per the estimates of WHO, the doctor-population ratio in India is 1:1700 i.e. less than one doctor for every 1000 population which is even lesser than the WHO’s standard.

Increasing doctor-patient interaction
The digital healthcare Is multifaceted. Technology and internet accessibility is not only bringing the medical experts and patients on the same ground of awareness and communication but also Imbibing a holistic vision of healthcare among doctors and patients.

With the use of the mobile application, patients today are more aware about lifestyle choices, adherence and even choosing the best doctors for them.

Healthcare can now truly step out of realm of pills and syrups and Inculcating better lifestyle choices in Its core definition.

Apart from online appointments and online consultations, digital health providers are taking a step further in building very robust and trustworthy relationships between the patients, doctors and all the other stakeholders. A connected healthcare is definitely a better healthcare.

Before the adoption of new age technology, there was a disconnection in the doctor’s community. However, with the acceptance of these technologies, there is instant communication between doctors and doctors; patients and patients; and doctors and patients to discuss a particular clinical case. Comparative to the traditional community of doctors, today, the industry is witnessing more engagement between doctors working together towards preventive healthcare approach.

The digital healthcare system is enabling the transformation of delivery that can result in a simpler, data-driven approach care in addition to human touch. The medical use of innovative digital tools is optimising the healthcare delivery process with complete efficiency and effectiveness.

Right from breaking the geographical barriers to empowering medical staff to expand their virtual reach is providing outstanding healthcare outcomes at an economical cost. In addition, technology is also empowering doctors to play an indispensable role in democratising the sector to meet the healthcare needs of the diverse population.

(Disclaimer: The writer is Mudit Vijayvergiya, Co-Founder, Curofy. Views expressed are personal opinion.)

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