10 products and therapies to address post pregnancy challenges

Rekha BabuPregnancy is a beautiful thing, yet it comes with its own share of difficulties. Often, it is said that post pregnancy is one such critical time, where recovery is of utmost importance as a womans health takes a fragile turn, post the taxing ordeal, writes Rekha Babu, Co-founder and CEO, Soothika, in this insightful article.

Some of the problems that women face post pregnancy are upper and low back ache, stomach and leg cramps, loose and sagging abdominal muscles, insomnia, anxiety, depression, low milk production, stretch marks, loss of strength and many more.

Mother Nature has given us wonderful fruits to harvest ones health in and we should adhere to that, accordingly. Ayurveda has a solution for almost every ailment, most of these above said problems. Most preferred mode is topical application as new delivered mother is lactating and hence, cannot be ingested in fear of side effects. Here are a few of the therapies and oils to inculcate as a part of post-pregnancy practices, for a healthy recovery:

1. Massage of Dhanwantharam tailam: It is good to relieve from post pregnancy ailments such as low back ache as it acts as an anti inflammatory medicine and strengthens the nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons. This is the base oil used universally in combination with other oils to get benefits.

2. Massage of Murivenna: It is beneficial for reducing swelling and is useful in healing wounds internally as well as externally.

3. Massage of Balaswagandhadi tailam: This oil aids in strengthening muscles, bones, joints and ligaments, while restores muscle strength and improving nerve conduction- complete rejuvenation of the body.

4. Massage of Nalpamaradi tailam: It is useful in providing skin brightening properties and gives the mother a natural healthy flush and also reduces the stretch marks.

5. Massage of Karpooradi tailam: This oil helps in reducing the stiffness and cramps of the body and gives a new energy to the mother.

6. Nalpamara choornam: Its anti-septic, healing and anti-inflammatory properties provide strength and vitality both physically and mentally, while improving the stature of complexion. After massage is done, the mother should take bath in herbal decoction prepared out from certain medicated leaves along with herbal powder of nalpamaram or even nalpamara choornam alone.

7. Coconut water: Mothers are said to become dehydrated in a prolonged labor, often feeling nauseous. Coconut water can replace the loss of electrolytes, while strengthening the immunity. Coconut water should be a steady part of the diet and sipped at least once in every hour.

8. Nourishing meals: Mothers should consume a very nutrient-dense diet peppered with eggs, grass-fed butter, milk and meat, bone broths, real sourdough bread, and so on. Eating constantly is very important as restores energy and vitality. Mothers should not worry about weight loss as that comes naturally. Low-calorie and low-fat diets should not be attempted at this fragile stage.

9. Breast milk: The flow of milk is integral as babies require being breastfed, initially. If massage is done in proper way, especially at the breast area, there will be proper flow of breast milk and hence it will be easy for the mother and baby, as breastfeeding can a painful task for the mother. The application of essential oils also helps in reducing cracked and sore nipples, helps in improving the skin texture in addition with alleviating other pains of the body.

10. Internal medications: Certain internal medicines in ayurveda like kashayam, gulikas, arishtam and lehyams for can be utilised for these ailments. Yet, one should resort to this on a measured basis under proper supervision of an expert.

With proper guidance and supervision, post-pregnancy ailments can become a thing of past.

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