January 2017


Pallavi Jain, MD, Krsnaa Diagnostics

Krsnaa Diagnostics, one of the fastest growing diagnostics chains in India, has developed a strong network across the country through various social and charitable activities in the field of healthcare. Pallavi Jain, MD, Krsnaa Diagnostics, in conversation with Elets News Network, highlights the quality services offered by her organisation at affordable prices to the masses.


What are the guiding principles driving the growth of Krsnaa Diagnostics?

Our vision and aim at Krsnaa Diagnostics has always been to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices and reaching out to as many people as we can in the rural India. Diagnosis plays a crucial role in evidence-based treatments, but since it is extremely expensive for majority of the people we look forward to offer diagnostic services at affordable prices.

Having gained the confidence of patients and clients, we have embarked on an expansion programme to make our services available across the country through public private partnership mode.


We have also partnered with various government, private medical colleges and hospitals to provide our services.

With so many diagnostic chains operating in the country, how do you differentiate yourself as a quality healthcare provider?

Firstly, for us quality is the key. We use high-end equipment with latest technology in partnership with GE Medical Systems, ROCHE, Lilac, Horiba, Mindray, etc, to provide unparalleled diagnostic services.

Secondly, we offer our services across the country at almost the same price. We are available in 10 states and across 1,400 plus locations providing services 24/7 throughout the year delivering quality healthcare to the masses. Krsnaa has so far reported over 10 lakh scans and has a team of 70 radiologist on its panel. At Krsnaa Diagostics, we have a tradition of offering services at the same rates without applying any kind of extra charges.

To meet quality standards, we always adopt the latest technology and equipment. Likewise, in the MRI segment, our machines range from 0.2 Tesla to latest 3 Tesla machine and Single Slice CT to 128 slice CT scanners.

Krsnaa provides services to patients across district hospitals, CHCs and primary health centres and private hospitals, including corporate tie ups. We have made sure our team includes experts and reliable members to monitor and assure accurate diagnosis at competitive pricing. All Krsnaa centres have well trained staff who make it their mission to lay ample stress on empathy and hand holding, making patients feel comfortable and at ease.

We have embarked on an expansion programme to make our services available across the country through public private partnership mode

Whats new in the imaging technology space that you as a company aspire to adopt to improve healthcare delivery?

Krsnaa has always believed in adapting the latest technologies and we have customised solutions for various sectors.

Adapting with high end solutions, real time monitoring, safety analysis, R&D helps us improvise and upgrade our offerings to our clients and patients.

Where do you see yourself fiveyears down the line? Please share your future goals.

Krsnaa has its current presence in 10 States which includes Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharshtra, UttarPradesh, Tamilnadu and further plans to expand in rest of the country with a aim to provide Quality Health care at affordable prices.

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