Sameer Garde, President, Philips Healthcare with Olivier Legrain, CEO, IBA

Sameer Garde, President, Philips Healthcare with Olivier Legrain, CEO, IBA

Philips India and IBA (Ion Beam Applications), a leader in proton therapy solutions, has announced the signing of an exclusive agreement to enhance access to proton therapy in India.

The exclusive Philips-IBA agreement for India follows the framework agreement that Philips and IBA signed in September of last year. The agreement comprises R&D, marketing and sales of imaging and therapy solutions in oncology and enables both companies to mutually leverage technologies and solutions. As part of the framework agreement, Philips and IBA have already signed multiple country-specific collaboration agreements, each optimized for the local market needs.

Leveraging high quality imaging and proton therapy offers the potential to increase confidence in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, reduce short- and long-term side-effects and potentially enhance the quality of life of the patient before, during and after treatment. Advanced MRI, PET and CT imaging technologies will help physicians better target proton beam delivery to destroy cancer cells whilst avoiding healthy tissue. This agreement builds upon the collaboration between Philips India and IBA, which started in 2013, to build the Apollo Proton Therapy Centre, the first proton therapy centre in India.

We are very pleased to announce that Philips India and IBA are introducing the best-in-class proton beam therapy for cancer patients in India. We are confident that the future launch of the first proton therapy centre in Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, will mark the beginning of a new phase in cancer treatment in the country and also the subcontinent, said Sameer Garde, President, Philips Healthcare.

We are privileged that Philips India is supporting us in bringing cutting edge proton beam therapy to India. We are certain that this initiative will be a significant step in improving the quality of cancer treatment in the country. With this collaboration, IBA further strengthens its world leading position in proton therapy and stays at the forefront of delivering the latest in innovative cancer therapy to the Asia region. Globally, IBA has now sold 33 proton therapy centres, more than all other providers combined.

Proton therapy is an important addition to cancer treatment in India given that the incidence of cancer is 70-90 per 100,000 people with children comprising nearly 5 per cent of these patients. Proton therapy is considered to be one of the most advanced treatments available in the fight against cancer. With the precision that proton therapy offers, it is possible to target the tumour more effectively while limiting the side effects of the treatment. Protons deposit the majority of their energy within a precisely controlled zone, directly in the tumour while limiting the impact on healthy tissues surrounding the tumour.

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