August 2014

Optimising Workflow for Enhanced Care

Carestream DRX- Evolution system offers optimised workflow and high image quality for enhanced patient care at Ruby Hall Clinic

OptimisingThe Radiology Centre at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune has been at the forefront of technology, patient convenience and quality healthcare for over a decade. A trendsetter in healthcare, it was amongst the first healthcare facilities in the country to install a Carestream Health CR (Computed Radiography) system in 2001.
In recent years, as hospitals in India are beginning to see the value of the then advanced Computed Radiography technology, Ruby Hall Clinic had taken the lead with the installation of Carestream Health Indias Carestream DRX- Evolution System a digital radiography technology powered by the revolutionary Carestream DRX-1 System, the worlds first wireless DR detector. This was the first installation of this versatile, compact fully automatic DRX-Evolution suite in south-east Asia.
Dr Joshita Singh, Consultant Radiologist at Ruby Hall Clinic elaborates on the unique features of this system says, We found the Care stream DRX-Evolution System to be dependable, reliable, and offering the best technology suited for our needs.
Given the high number of examinations conducted every day, the department works continuously to improve its systems, processes and practices in order to improve the organisational throughput and deliver enhanced patient care. The Carestream DRX-Evolution has helped Ruby Hall Clinics Radiology department improve its departmental efficiency and increase its throughput by reducing patient waiting time and providing an improved accuracy in examining results. Used extensively in a multitude of diverse real-life cases, the DRX- Evolution suite has shown unmatched operational flexibility for general radiology and trauma exams.
Speaking about the experience after installing the DRX-Evolution, Dr Singh says, The DRX-Evolution system offers excellent image quality, ease of use and reduction of patient examination time by almost 5-7 minutes per patient compared to CR. In addition, it has also provided us the flexible positioning we needed for urgent trauma cases. More importantly, this system reduces radiation exposure by over 40 percent, making it the most highly preferred technology for women and young children.
The Carestream DRX-Evolution is an integrated, automated digital radiography suite powered by the revo- lutionary DRX-1 detector that offers high quality images, far superior to those offered by other CR systems. According to Dr Joshita Singh, equipped with enhanced visualizations options that provide greater latitude and depth, the DRX-Evolution system delivers images of improved accuracy, enhancing diagnostic confidence and reducing the need for repeat exams.
In addition to inpatients, the Radiology department at Ruby Hall Clinic also handles a large number of outpatients. The Radiology department at Ruby Hall Clinic is used for multiple exam types, from elderly patients in traction with broken limbs who have to be lifted onto the table, to multitrauma victims. The DRX-Evolution system offers an unmatched positioning flexibility for both general radiology and trauma exams. Available in three configuration options, fully automated, hybrid and standard, the DRX-Evolution system has been particularly helpful to improve both workflow and patient care with its unique system designed to move around the patient, eliminating the inconvenience of patient repositioning due to the limited flexibility of equipment., said Dr Singh

“Carestream DRX- Evolution is an integrated, automated digital radiography suite that offers high quality images”

Designed with highly configurable, modular components and a unique auto-tracking technology that eliminates the scope of human error in examining, the DRX- Evolution system helps ensuring patients comfort and expedite examining in prime focus, Dr Singh adds.
In addition, the x-ray equipment operates within an image capturetime of about 5 seconds and transmits the imaging exams to the facilitys database over a wireless network, decreasing the imaging time by 5-7 minutes per patient compared to CR. Problems in patient positioning can be verified immediately after the raw image appears on the computer screen, and immediate diagnosis can be made in cases of emergency.
The DRX- Evolution has definitely helped streamline patient positioning, speed up our workflow in between patients and improved the overall patient flow, particularly for outpatients. Moreover, a major benefit in patient care stems from the fact that the DRX-Evolution delivers a higher quality of images while lowering the patients exposure to radiation by over 40 percent when compared with CR systems. On concluding note Dr Singh says, The DRX- Evolution System has offered us benefits such as compatibility and scalability helping us meet todays needs while position- ing for tomorrows growth.

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