OSIM unveils uVenus – the World’s 1st Ambient Purifier


OSIM India unveils uVenus, The Worlds 1st Ambient Purifier which can now shape the ambience of your environment as you desire. The OSIM uVenus Ambient Purifier is the standalone product in the market makes it possible for you to create 7 different environments and reduce stress and anxiety.

OSIM uVenus protects your family from air, light and noise pollution. The combination of air quality, lighting and sound in your home determines the ambience of your living space. Good quality ambience is necessary for healthy living especially in an urban city. However, urban living has exposed us to higher levels of pollution. OSIM uVenus delivers Clean & purified air – The uVenus with its Multi-action Tru-air purification process purifies stale indoor air and provides clean fresh air for easier breathing and better well-being for your family, Mood light- ‘Speaking to our brainwaves the 3 scientifically research mood light programmes (RELAX. BALANCE and ENERGISE) developed by physicist and mood light specialist, Mr. Anadi A. Martel has designed to gently stimulate brain activity to achieve the most desired state of relaxation, balance and rejuvenation. Clinically-proven Music- Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson has devised a method to influence a person’s state of mind through especially composed music using a natural technique called ‘entrainment’- a tendency of brainwaves to adjust to our sound environment so that they vibrate in harmony. With that expertise, Dr. Thompson has specially composed 3 unique uVenus Music to cultivate your desired state of relaxation, balance and higher energy levels.

OSIM uVenus changes 7 lifestyle colors; Purple, Baby Blue, Aqua Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Amber & Magenta each sharing its distinctive qualities mentioned below. OSIM uVenus is also easy to set-up with a detachable stand. It has a thoughtfully designed Night light controller indicator for easy reach even in pitch darkness and a wake-up & sleep timer function.

OSIM uVenus is priced at Rs. 35, 000 only.

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