Kelly India witnesses rise in pharma professionals poaching by healthcare industry

Kelly Services India is witnessing a rise in the employee poaching of professionals from pharma industry into the healthcare space. The growing opportunities springing up from sectors like pharmacovigilance, retail pharmacy, nanotechnology, 3D imaging technology, stem cells and DNA chip technology are now wooing the pharma workforce.Promising growth prospects from the diagnostic and medical devices industry have forced these sectors to identify the workforce from pharma sector who could suitably be hired for their research and sales departments.

Talented managers from pharma sector have multiple career options with the growing Indian economy. The salary expectations of these candidates from the drug research, manufacture and marketing industry are on the same lines of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. This makes salaries competitive and the ratio of those opting for these jobs even after the appointment letter is issued is seen to be on the decline. As a result availability of personnel at the mid-manager level is a challenge.

In its report on the Indias Healthcare Sector Overview, Technopak too has found that the Indian healthcare market currently estimated US$ 60 billion and growing at 15 per cent per annum is primarily dominated by private service providers.The private healthcare talent requirement is on an upward trend and this automatically results in new job opportunities most suitable for pharma industry candidates.Going by the crisis of infrastructure and manpower that Indian healthcare is facing, hospitals and nongovernmental organizations are setting up call centers to provide medical care to patients. These mobile health initiatives require scale-up. Many of these require not just doctors but also non-medical managerial and utive post staff and personnel from non medical background like the pharma industry who are proving to be ideal candidates suited for such jobs, reports Technopak.

According to the observations by the Kelly India chief, some of the skills like regulatory and clinical research need talent from abroad more so if they are part of the reverse brain drain which come in at a high price of recruiting and retaining employees. The reality in such cases is that adjustment to Indian working environment and long-term retention poses a challenge to hiring.Mumbai has traditionally been the hub of all pharma companies and access to one of the best talent in the space. Locations like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Ahmadabad are increasing their visibility in the pharma space. Attracting talent from Mumbai to these locations poses a problem in some key corporate functions.

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