AyuSoft software to boost ayurveda by CDAC (Pune) in India

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The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) in Pune (India) has developed the software AyuSoft, a decision support system that will facilitate ayurvedic research, diagnosis and treatment for practitioners, hospitals, researchers and academia alike. The software will be displayed at the World Ayurveda Congress being held at the Pune University till November 12, 2006. The software consists of a one-gigabyte repository of ayurvedic data, including applications for physiological and psychological constitution assessment, disease diagnostics and treatment based on symptoms and causative factors. It also consists of personal information management, wherein records can be maintained of each patient’s case details. Apart from automatic generation of certificates and prescriptions, this software is able to transfer a patient’s case to a panel of doctors for collaborative consultation. Dr Medha Dhurandhar, chief investigator of the project stated that AyuSoft can help create the much-needed evidence-base for the global acceptance of Ayurveda.

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