Research: Mobility and IT viewed as critical by future doctors

Technology is a ‘must’ for medical students, for their future practice, according to the fourth annual survey by healthcare IT company Epocrates. More than 1,000 medical students across the country responded to the survey, which asked about technology priorities, including mobile reference and electronic medical records. It was found and reported through the survey that 45 % respondents currently use an iPhone or iPod Touch, followed by Palm and BlackBerry devices. Apple’s mobile devices are especially appealing to medical students with nearly 60 percent of non-smartphone users planning to purchase one within the next year. Around 90 % of the people surveyed, opined that the information available through mobile or online drug and disease references, such as Epocrates, as highly credible, second only to medical journals. Students also indicated they are more than four times more likely to consult a mobile reference for a clinical question than ask their attending physician. Nearly 60 % of the medical students surveyed indicate they use the decision-support software at least twice daily. According to 53% of the students in medicine today viewed that complexities and challenges in healthcare may contribute to making the medical school much harder today as compared to when their attendees who were likely in training 25 years ago.


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