The days when radiologists were only involved in diagnosis are long over. Modern medicine requires interventional radiologists to use their specialist knowledge of image-guidance (X-ray, CT, MR) to perform procedures which are extraordinarily precise, and thus gentle on the patient. These methods can, in many cases, replace more invasive therapies and save on operation costs. The specialist knowledge of interventional radiologists allows them to offer a wide range of therapies, such as local, non-surgical treatment of cancerous tumours, which, in targeting the tumour directly, avoids the systemic effects of traditional chemotherapy. For patients with smoker’s leg or diabetic foot, timely revascularisation can prevent the need for amputation. Minimally invasive interventions on the spine and intervertebral discs can avoid the higher-risk alternatives. IR can offer the patient a much lower burden of pain, and can often facilitate a quicker recovery than the surgical alternatives.

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