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New dashboard software helps hospitals comply with US regulations

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Health care software developer VitalWarehas introduced VitalView, a Web-based project-management tool that provides clinical and financial data to help health care companies adhere to new federally mandated diagnosis codes. The Department of Health & Human Services requires that all medical claims include ICD-10 codes instead of ICD-9 starting on Oct. 1, 2013. HHS had pushed back this deadline from Oct. 1, 2011. VitalView’s dashboard lets health care facilities perform analytics and compile reports to keep track of ICD-10 timelines and requirements. Hospital IT administrators will be able to view a product readiness indicator, a tool that shows which software used by hospitals may or may not be compliant with ICD-10. Drawing on its knowledge base and intelligence, VitalView transmits automatic alerts to team members when a vendor or product has missed or completed an ICD-10 milestone or is at risk of missing a claims deadline related to the diagnosis codes. “It’s a system that facilitates communication between all those thousands and thousands of products and vendors that hospitals depend on and gives the hospitals a communication tool that allows them to start planning their testing, which for many hospitals will take six to nine months,” Kerry Martin, CEO of VitalWare.ICD-10 is the main format for diagnosis codes used in inpatient reimbursement, according to Martin. The federal government relies on the diagnosis codes when deciding on reimbursement funds based on quality of care. With ICD-10 compliance, hospitals may avoid an interruption in reimbursement.

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