Ford develops a car with medical monitor

Ford has come up with cars along with medical monitors. The car is not just a car anymore today. The glucose monitor help the driver’s blood-sugar reading was 81 milligrams per deciliter at 6:32 a.m., the robotic female voice said in the prototype demonstration. When he replied that it has fallen to 71, close to where he can have lightheadedness or blurry vision, the car instructed him to take some glucose tablets and check again after 30 minutes. Then it signs off: “Have a nice drive.” The Ford motor has increased car sales with a car seat to check the driver’s heart rate that could warn an impending heart attack; new features may track breathing patterns for asthmatics or pollen counts for allergy sufferers and recommend remedies. This can boost the prices of cars as well; the software will be added in 5 years with the voice-activated communication system it developed with Microsoft Corp. and offers on most models. About 78 percent of U.S. consumers are interested in mobile health solutions, Ford said, citing a survey by Harris Interactive and CTIA-The Wireless Association. Ford said Apple Inc.’s App Store now has more than 17,000 health applications. It has shown a great potential area from a medical perspective. Medtronic is conducting research for glucose-monitoring device with a Bluetooth connection through the driver’s phone. This innovative idea can potentially prevent a fatal accident if my blood sugar went too low while driving.


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