Fresenius Medical Care presents FX Class Low Flux Dialysers optimal Dialysis




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Fresenius Medical Care, the global leader in dialysis services and products recently introduced FX-Class: Low-Flux Dialysers (Optimal Dialysis). Innovative design, scientific upgradation and the next generation Helixon membrane makes FX-Class a dialyser of choice.

Four Important attributes of FX- Class are:

Radial dialysate flow :

The pinnacle structures of the polypropylene housing ensure a uniform dialysate flow around the entire fibre bundle. This, together with the high packing density of the fibre bundle and the special wavy fibre structure ensures the constant performance of all FX-class dialysers.

Optimum Fibre Dimensions

The reduced wall thickness of the fibre minimizes diffusion resistance and results in an increase of the diffusive clearance.

Refined Haemodynamics

The lateral blood -intlet port defines a homogenous blood flow path, avoiding low velocity stagnation zones in the header region. Furthermore, the risk of accidental kinking of blood lines is eliminated.

The Nanotechnology Membrane fabrication procedures (Nano Controlled Spinning Technology NCSTM) provide Helixone with a highly defined pore structure and distribution at the innermost, separating region from the membrane. The modulation of the Helixone structure at the nanoscale level-facilitates the targeted elimination of low-molecular weight solutes.

The New Helixone Low-Flux membrane offers the following advantages:

  • An increased average pore size of 1.8nm
  • More even distribution of the pores
  • Increased performance per unit surface area

The increase of the number of pores per square meter surface area leads to a significant increase of the clearance of low-molecular weight substances.


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