Healthcare IT market in Asia-Pacific region sees strong SAP adoption

SAP Asia Pacific recently announced strong adoption of its healthcare solution portfolio. Despite the current economic downturn, the company continues to see strong momentum in the healthcare sector. In a recent development, the much talked about ‘MediCity’coming up near New Delhi, in India, selected the SAP ERP ECC 6.0 application as its standard technology platform.

“The new global centre will help integrate and explore pioneering frontiers in the field of medicine and healthcare. We believe technology will play a critical role in helping us achieve our clinical and business objectives”, says Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman and Managing Director of Global Health, the company behind the MediCity project.

In addition to MediCity, the rapidly growing SAP for healthcare customer base also includes leading healthcare institutions such as National Healthcare Group in Singapore, Ramsay Health in Australia among others.

“We are witnessing a growing demand from the healthcare industry to better automate, streamline, and simplify businesses so that they can focus on their core mission of delivering quality patient care. Healthcare will be a priority focus for SAP in the years to come”, said Andy David, Industry Principal, Healthcare, SAP Asia Pacific Japan.

To date, the SAP for Healthcare solution portfolio has attracted more than 2,300 healthcare institutions around the world.

Careon & dbMotion join hands to tap eHealth market in Germany

Careon, Germany’s premier provider for personal health records and dbMotion, a prominent supplier of health interoperability and intelligence solutions, are partnering in the German-language eHealth market to meet the increasing needs for the exchange of medical information.

This partnership brings together Careon’s expertise in the German market for personal health records (PHRs) with the proven technology of dbMotion, enabling Careon’s offering to be extended by dbMotion’s functionalities for cross-linking by physicians and hospitals.

“The German market needs and regulations call for unique solutions for data and liability protection. Careon and dbMotion will, through this agreement, work together on common projects to deliver solutions to these needs, leveraging each of their individual product’s strengths,” said Dr Harald Sondhof.

The SOA-based dbMotion Solution for health interoperability and intelligence enables healthcare organisations to meaningfully integrate and leverage their information assets, driving improvements in the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care.

“Our team is experienced in health information exchange and has dealt with many of the data-sharing challenges that German healthcare organisations are currently facing. We see this important partnership as providing a truly innovative and beneficial approach to the needs of German healthcare.”” said Yuval Ofek, CEO of dbMotion.

InterSystems adds enterprise SOA to Ensemble

InterSystems Corporation added innovative technology features to its InterSystems Ensemble rapid integration and development platform. Available immediately, the new capabilities, which include an HL7 Sequence Manager, target critical requirements of large-scale enterprises that are building high-performance, complex applications in an SOA environment.

“Customers in multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services and telecommunications, are using Ensemble to build increasingly complex applications as they implement service-oriented architectures (SOAs) across the enterprise,” said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning. “They need the most advanced security, monitoring and Web services performance to ute their SOA strategies and that’s what this rich, new feature set delivers.”

The enhancements in this release ensure that organisations can use Ensemble to develop highly reliable and secure applications for SOA infrastructures.

Siemens obtains full rights to the hospital information system i.s.h med

Siemens Medical Solutions GSD GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Healthcare Sector, will take over all use and exploitation rights of the software, which are today held by T-Systems in Austria. The transfer is subject to customary closing conditions. is a clinical information system that is fully integrated with the leading standard healthcare SAP software. The solution was jointly developed by the partner and forerunner companies of Siemens Medical Solutions GSD GmbH and the Austrian T-Systems. In the meantime, the software has become an important tool for planning, control, and communication for more than 300 hospitals in 16 countries worldwide.

The complete transfer of product responsibility to Siemens allows us to directly introduce our future-oriented functionality like Smart User Interface, workflow, embedded analytics, and service oriented architecture into, and implement our long-term development strategy for the product,” explains Stefan Herm, Head, Siemens Medical Solutions GSD GmbH and Senior VP, Health Services Europe Business.

Bumrungrad International wins Thailand Quality Class (TQC) award for organisational excellence

Bumrungrad International, Bangkok, has been recognised for its world class organisational excellence by being awarded the Thailand Quality Class (TQC) award for 2008.

Hosted by the Office of the Thailand Quality Award (TQA), the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Korbsak Sabhavasu, presented this prestigious award to Mack Banner, CEO, Bumrungrad International in a highly decorative event.

TQA, based on the famous Malcolm Baldrige Award in America, audits an organization’s strategic, management, and operational processes. Since TQA began in 2002, Bumrungrad International is the first private hospital to qualify for TQC.

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