Cerba HealthCare and Nexus Gulf Healthcare

Cerba HealthCare has partnered with Nexus Gulf Healthcare to introduce top-tier diagnostic solutions in Saudi Arabia, focusing predominantly on clinical pathology. This collaboration will operate as Cerba HealthCare Saudi Arabia with its central operations based in Riyadh, where they aim to curate a local team of experts.

The venture aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives, which emphasise fortified alliances with global private healthcare entities. This initiative will offer integrated medical solutions that not only follow global best practices but also pave the way for knowledge transfer, and build upon the medical and scientific advancements proposed by the collaboration.

Nexus Gulf Healthcare, through its investment division Al Gihaz Healthcare, has shown commitment to fostering sustainable growth in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare domain. Their profound understanding of the Gulf’s healthcare landscape has previously led them to develop platforms such as the Altakassusi Alliance Medical consortium, recently entrusted with the Diagnostic Imaging Pilot PPP project by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health.

Cerba HealthCare boasts a diverse medical diagnostic portfolio, which includes specialised clinical pathology, genetics, and clinical trials pathology. Their expertise aids in enhancing public health strategies by facilitating the early diagnosis of diseases, tailoring treatments, and assuring timely intervention. Their services are available across continents, including the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Jerome Thill, the CEO of Cerba HealthCare, acknowledged the timely nature of this alliance, citing the potential it holds under the Vision 2030 Plan for Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, Youssef Haidar, Executive Director at Nexus Gulf Healthcare, expressed his enthusiasm about the venture, noting the synergistic professionalism and expertise both companies can provide for the betterment of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector.

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