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Tata Medical and Diagnostics Ltd (TataMD) has launched new diagnostic testing for Covid-19 in partnership with CSIR-IGIB (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology). The test ‘TataMD CHECK’ is more efficient and simpler than the existing ones — with the ability to scale up test on a large scale across the country, the company claims.

It can provide high quality and quick results using standard equipment and minimally trained staff. It has been approved by Indian Council of Medical Research and Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) and will be available through diagnostic centres and hospitals across India shortly, the company further said.

“We have come to a solution which provides end-to-end testing experience. We make the testing much more efficient and reliable and scalable, that creates more access and availability. Moreover, this whole thing is developed in India,” Tata Medical and Diagnostics Ltd CEO Girish Krishnamurthy was quoted as saying by PTI report.

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“We partnered with IGIB lab and then worked very closely with them. Getting the whole science from the lab into a product, today we are ready for a commercial launch of the product within about 100 days. We worked very very hard to get this system,” he added.

TataMD CHECK is a paper strip-based test with an image-based visual result readout. It requires standard laboratory equipment and small batches of tests can be conducted.

When asked about the company’s preparedness to meet demand, he said, “Today we have created a capacity for one million per month to start with. Then we will scale it as we move along and mature it. (We are) scaling it for the need of the country because we are here to solve the problem and whatever it takes to solve the problem we will do”.

“The testing pricing is done through the laboratories and diagnostics. We give the whole end-to-end testing model to the labs and diagnostics, so the pricing comes from them, but since we have a lot of efficiencies and other things we are building in, automatically it will play an impact on the pricing,” he said on pricing of test.

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