India Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update: It seems people of India will not get respite from Coronavirus pandemic anytime soon as the total number of cases is on the rise in unprecedented manner. The figure has reportedly crossed the 3 lakh mark even as the government is undertaking measures to contain the highly infectious virus.

With total tally of infection, it has become the 4th worst-hit country from the pandemic, surpassing the UK.

India now has a total of 1.44 lakh active cases and 1.47 lakh recovered cases. Since last eight days, there has been a drastic increase in the total number of cases at the rate of 9,000 new cases per day.

While the officials have denied community transmission of the infection, there has been a widespread increase in cases in states of Maharashtra (98,101), Tamil Nadu (38,201), New Delhi (34,890) (Bing COVID Tracker). These states combined account for approximately 56% of the total cases in India.

India has seen a drastic rise in the number of cases after the lockdown relaxations in malls and shopping centres. The situation worsened further after domestic flights started functioning.

Some states have already undertaken measures to contain the spread of the disease such as Delhi, which closed its borders for a week and Rajasthan that has also sealed the borders for a week.

Some people suggest that India has relaxed the lockdown very soon, and the disease can potentially spread to many different parts of India with increased mobility. The impact on the economy from another period of lockdown remains a controversial issue for the government.

While the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director said in a media briefing that India is not in the community transmission stage as indicated from a sero-survey. Additionally, a large number of people remain susceptible to coronavirus.

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