Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Tele-Healthcare

Tele Healthcare

Technology is fast making inroads in every sphere of life. The biggest example is the existence of computers. Thinking of leading the life away from computers’ influence may be unfathomable at least in cosmopolitan cities.

We have been familiar to computer’s definition as “a machine or device that processes, calculates and operates based on the instructions provided by the software or hardware program”. But what if we find this machine is learning, understanding and determining things or issues on its own based on the given data.

Yes, one such computer or machine that makes an intelligent decision based on the given data is Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

In fact, artificial intelligence (AI) is a smart way to think computer-controlled robots or software, like intelligent people think.

Whenever we buy or search online products on Amazon, the software owner sees a number of options in front of our screen according to the search. As well as, “you can like it” gives a long series of results related to that search. It is an example of artificial intelligence.

Today, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our life. It is found everywhere even in the form of “siri” of apple or “virtual personal assistant” of Android.

When we use our smart mobile phone, if we are logged in with Gmail, Google always keeps an eye on us. Google uses a machine language that compiles with any mobile application of the company, tracks user location, email, Google Chrome’s search option.

Google knows what we are looking for on the Internet, what is our choice, Google keeps on watching all user’s information in combination with the user’s Mac ID and temporary IP address. And, based on all of these data, it gives results according to our interest.

“A fast medical treatment system can save lives, and Artificial Intelligence is already doing its job.”

While talking about health, artificial intelligence (AI) relations are also being prepared for a very important role to improve results in healthcare sector.

Also, the AI is being used for medicine manufacturing. It also predicts the side effects of different drugs. Medical professionals are often trained with artificial surgery simulators. AI is being also used to help clinical decisions in radiology. Cardiology and dermatology image recognition and speech recognition technologies have been upgraded by these forms of AI.

Pediatricians are collecting data about children’s cough, software is being developed which will identify the disease according to a recorded cough sound. Due to the shortage of financial and medical resources, telemedicine can be a cost- effective and better solution to provide medical facilities in remote areas of India.

“Demand for telemedicine treatment is increasing in the world, So global health companies are increasingly moving towards the AI to reach the medical system to as many patients as possible.”

Some companies have been working on developing efficient and intelligent software by analysing the various medical data of the patients, which may act as a virtual doctor system. It is a basically an artificial intelligence based expert system.

The AI can advise the physician to determine which medication is to be tried or what treatment should be attempted. Because of Artificial Intelligence based on a self-learning system, makes physician more and more accurate. As a result, more and more patients can get appropriate treatment what they really require and on time.

Its function is to diagnose the correct illness by analysing the symptoms described by patients, as well as to provide appropriate treatment for patient welfare.

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