Pulse Healthcare Enabling People to Survive in Critical Times

Dr Aditya Vikram KabraA group of young doctors in Hyderabad is treading the path of giving back to society in the best possible way – Preparing people to save lives in the golden hour of life. Here giving back means helping those whom others would not treat and who could not help themselves. In an interaction with Dr Aditya Vikram Kabra and Dr Srikanth, who head a social service group called Pulse Healthcare Associates, Sudheer Goutham of Elets News Network (ENN) finds more.



Q Tell us about your campaign community CPR. What made you to initiate this endeavor?

Dr Srikanth and I (Dr Aditya Vikram Kabra) along with 18 other anaesthesiologist and critical care specialists have formed a group called ‘Pulse Healthcare Associates’. It has been catering people with Intensive Care Services (ICS) and Anaesthesia services at Neelima and Shalini hospitals in Hyderabad since last four years. Over this period, we have seen several cases where the relatively younger individuals were brought to the causality without adequate or no first-aid.


On arrival at hospital, when the doctors resuscitate the patient, most of the times the patients regain heart activity but there is hypoxic (decreased oxygen supply) brain injury leaving a relatively young patient in vegetative state (brain dead). It adds to the cup of woes to the family as well as to the society.

In the backdrop of above incidents, we decided to come up with the initiative – Community CPR where the common citizens are trained for CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

We have many success stories of successful CPR done in the developed countries. It is sad that in our country the CPR is almost NIL and not in practice.

It is estimated that about 60 per cent of world’s coronary artery disease patients are from South Asia who die relatively at a younger age. In addition, our country witnesses one death every four minutes because of road accident.

Instead of whimpering about the change the country needs, it is important that we be the change. Under the guidance of our professors and our mentors – Dr Chandrashekar, Dr Satyanarayana, Dr Deepraj Singh and Dr Ramchandra Murthy, we came up with this initiative.

Q Would you throw some light on your team and its role towards the cause?

We, as a team, called Pulse Healthcare Associates stand not only for treating or curing the diseases, but also to give equal importance in preventive care. We have also extended this programme at the construction sites in Czech colony of Sanathnagar in Hyderabad where we trained daily wage labourers in CPR.

To our surprise, one of the workers among the lot trained by us saved the life of a road accident victim by giving him first aid before accompanying him to our hospital. There cannot be anything more satisfying than saving a life and that too one with preventable cause.

To keep this programme in continuity and give it a reach, we associated it with GVK-EMRI (Dr Rajanarsing Rao and team) to leveraging its larger band-width. Our vision is also to train people in using AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) which is one of the key elements involved in successful resuscitation to a person with sudden cardiac arrest. AED is a very compact and handy tool which should be available at all important public locations like multiplexes, shopping malls , schools, railway stations etc. Through our initiative we urge the government and different NGO groups to help us in installing these at all these locations.

Had these training been given to everyone and if there was an AED installed within the public reach, there could have been possibility of saving the life of one of the greatest scientists and ex-president of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Q Tell us something about your training sessions for the trainee IAS officers of this country recently.

We recently got the opportunity to train the deputy IAS officers in first aid and CPR at Marri Chenna Reddy Institute of the Telangana State Government in Hyderabad. Since these are the future policy makers of a healthy India, we wanted them to understand and at the same time have first-hand experience at this programme. These future policymakers were given a detailed version of first aid in different conditions like snake bite , burns, insect bites and hands on cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a advance technology mannequin. The IAS officers found this training very useful.

Q What is the vision your team holds for the initiative and how do you think and intend to achieve it?

We run the campaign with the slogan saying “At Least One Person In Each Family Should Be Trained In Doing Adequate And Good Quality CPR.” In order to maintain the continuity of the programme, we need support from all quadrants of society including media which is one of the strongest pillars for the betterment of society. It can help to create awareness and participation from the community.

As a responsible citizen we want one and all to participate in this noble initiative from all walks of life. Saving a life is the noblest thing of all. As an individual we need to be the change and contribute to create a better society.

We as Pulse Healtcare Associates shall be conducting these programmes regularly at schools, shopping malls, gated communities, colleges and practically anywhere and everywhere.

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