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 Pallavi JainOur vision has been to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices by reaching out to as many people, especially, the rural India folks. We make use of state-of-the -art healthcare technologies to cater people, says Pallavi Jain, Managing Director, Krsnaa Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Q Having commenced its journey in 2010, Krsnaa Diagnostics has come a long way in providing quality services to its clients. How has been the experience?

Krsnaa Diagnostics has come a long way overcoming all the odds in the hyper-competitive Indian market and has achieved nationwide recognition in diagnostics field. It has only been possible because of the great determination and dedication of these many years, innovation blended with advanced technological approaches, consistent efforts and hard work invested by all the employees for the growth of the company.

Krsnaa Diagnostics, one of the fastest growing diagnostics chains in India, has developed a strong network across the country through various social and charitable activities in the field of healthcare. Our presence, currently pan-India, is in 15 States and across 1,800 plus locations providing radiology and pathology services 24/7 delivering quality healthcare to the masses. Krsnaa has, by now, reported over two million scans and has a team of 70 radiologists on its panel.

At Krsnaa Diagnostics, we have a tradition of offering services at the same rates, throughout the 24 hours, without applying any kind of extra charges even during the odd hours.

In order to meet the quality standards, we adopt the latest technology, equipment and standard operating procedures. We have top of the line equipment like 1.5T and 3.0T MRI systems, 16 Slice and 128 Slice CT Scan systems, Hi-End Ultrasound machines etc. from world leaders like GE Healthcare, USA; Hi-End Pathology equipments from ROCHE, Lilac, Horiba, Mindray, etc. to provide unmatched diagnostic services.

Our vision and aim at Krsnaa have been to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices by reaching out to as many people especially the rural Indian folks. We try and reach out to the needy patients directly, thereby cutting down on the intermediary. We work on a business model that is based on high volume, high efficiency, and yet not compromising on quality. We make use of state-of-the -art healthcare technologies to meet our requirements.

Q You provide a range of services from radiology to pathology. Tell us something about your services which sets you apart from others?

At Krsnaa Diagnostics, our goal is to deliver the best possible services and to play a pivotal role in saving patients lives.

We ask ourselves these questions every day, Would we be willing and proud to get the diagnosis of one of our family members done in our diagnostic center? How do we assure our diagnosis is making a difference?

With these questions in mind, we are continuously assessing and improving our care-delivery programmes.  Some of the things which make us different from our competitors are:

  • We do not compromise on quality of equipment, use latest technology and maintain the standard operating procedures.
  • We solicit feedback from our patients and constantly learn and work upon that feedback.
  • Each of our facility is designed for comfort and healing. l We hire and partner with compassionate and caring personnel.
  • We offer computer-based education and recovery management programmes both during and after diagnosis.
  • We use best-practices and evidence-based clinical and medical treatment protocols.
  • We provide extensive community outreach services, on-site education and support groups.
  • We measure our outcomes so that we can hold ourselves accountable

Q Off late what kind of modern technologies and innovative practices have you adopted to enhance patient care in radiology department?

To chase dynamics in radiology, we have adopted accelerated image processing speed which is essential to create high quality diagnostics images, accuracy in findings, 3D anatomical visualisation in the hands of physicians and surgeons to treat patients better, automation in work flow which gives hassle-free service delivery direct to the patient.

Q Shed some light over teleradiology. How is it beneficial for patients?

The benefits can be summed up in 8 points:

Faster diagnostics

Remote radiology offers almost instantaneous viewing of medical imaging results. This enables physician, practitioners and hospitals to provide better patient care, allowing them to diagnose and treat patients quickly and more efficiently.

Reduces cost

Teleradiology eliminates the necessity for radiologists to travel where the patient image was captured. This enables radiologists to work from practically any remote location. Cost will be saved on not having to employ a full-time, in-house radiologist.

Improved consultation

Remote radiology services give radiologists and physicians the ability to collaborate and derive the best treatment method for the patient. Second opinions can easily be reached from a sub-specialist radiologist without having to transfer the patient.

No shortage of radiologists

Many hospitals and medical practices are experiencing shortages in their radiology staff, especially during holidays and night shifts. Teleradiology helps practices do more with less staff because radiologists dont have to be on-site to view and interpret images. This saves time and allows them to perform their functions more efficiently.

Improves rural-area care

Teleradiology enables rural medical practices and hospitals to expand their networks with other medical facilities and hospitals, without having need to over-staff. Rural hospitals can easily send their patient images to teleradiology providers to receive quick and expert interpretation of medical images.

Improves staffing

Teleradiology helps provide weekend, emergency, holidays, vacation, and after-hours services. Radiologists can essentially telecommunicate and, therefore the medical facilities that utilise this branch of telemedicine can provide services round-the-clock.

Educational opportunities

Teleradiology gives physicians and radiologists the ability to learn and expand their ability within the field. The technology can be helpful as an educational device through presentations from clinical radiologists or other knowledgeable healthcare experts in the field.

24/7/365 coverage

Krsnaa Diagnostics provides 24/7, 365 days/yearly coverage. You can always count on KDPL for unlimited access to ensure your practice is running smoothly and efficiently.

Q Please tell us about your association with Andhra Pradesh Government. What projects are you currently working on?

The State of Andhra Pradesh has been one of the most organised states when it comes to introducing innovative social projects particularly those providing access to health and education, focusing on best technologies and, implementing the projects in the given timeline.

We feel honoured to be a partner with the Government of Andhra Pradesh and with great support from the Government we are providing seamless teleradiology services for X-ray through digitisation and transmission of reports at 125 centers in district hospitals, community health centers and primary health centers.

Apart from this, we also have four advanced CT centres in area hospitals. Since inception from January 2016, we have served more than 12 lakh people for X-ray and CT scan.

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