5 ways to avoid risk of cell phone radiation

cell phone radiationWe live in a digital world surrounded by electronic devices and gadgets at our home, workplace and public places. Out of all the gadgets, cell phones are the most common that have become an integral part of our life. Cell phones have made our life extremely convenient but we all must not forget that these cell phones emit Electromagnetic waves that are potentially harmful for human mind and body.

There is a growing concern over the potential danger of excessive use of cell phone which is anxiety, migraine, brain cancer, lower sperm count, sleep disturbances and many more related to our brain. However, these concerns are also associated with the duration of exposure and proximity to the cell phone that can be controlled to reduce the impact of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) on human body.

Heres a list of tricks or measures that you can take to lower the impact of EMF and its ill- effects for a healthy living:

Use text, air tube headphones or Bluetooth device

Cell phone radiation is mainly linked with proximity of phone to your vital organs while on call. When you make a call and hold the phone close to your ear, it constantly keeps emitting radiation which is concentrated near the brain. To minimise the penetration of radiation, always make it a habit to use a headphone, speakerphone or a Bluetooth device while attending calls.

Moreover, texting is also preferred over calling when it comes to reducing the impact of radiation on the brain.

Keep your phone away while sleeping

For a healthier sleep, it is always recommended to keep the phone away from your head as it potentially increases anxiety level in human mind. Since our body defences are the weakest during sleep, cell phones disrupt biological repair processes of the body in the state of sleep and can cause harm to the mind and body.

If you are habitual of keeping your phone close to your bed while sleeping then at least keep it switched off as it restricts the emission of radiation from the cell phone.

Avoid using cell phone in low network area

In a low network area, cell phones try to work multiple times harder to reach to the antenna for making calls. At that time, the cell phone radiates at much higher power levels which can affect your ear and brain together. Therefore, it is always recommended to avoid making calls in the low network area to reduce radiation emission from the cell phone.

If possible, several experts have also suggested switching off the cell phone while sitting in a low network area as it keeps emitting harmful radiation waves even if the phone is not in use.

Limit the use of cell phone in pregnancy

Habit of using cell phone plays an important role in the growth of foetus. Pregnant women are always advised to reduce their exposure and proximity to the cell phone in order to have a healthy baby. According to several international studies, childrens skull and bones are thinner that allows their body to absorb radiation waves twice the amount than in adults.

Even the couples planning to conceive are also advised to limit their cell phone exposure to reduce its impact on their fertility and sperm count.

Use shielding cases and products

Due to the rising the concerns over impact of EMFs on human body, many tech companies have started coming up with shielding products that give you EMF protection from cell phones, laptops and tablets. If you are habitual of keeping the cell phone inside your trouser pocket or close to your chest then go for shielding cases that can restrict radiation impacting the tissues of the body.

(Disclaimer: The writer is Manas Ganguly, Founder, Brightsandz Clean Tech. The views expressed are personal opinion.)

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