5 popular weight training exercises to keep you healthy

With the number of individuals choosing physical exercises to keep themselves in shape, there is a growing need to know the appropriate exercises to achieve the desired results, says fitness and nutrition expert Gaurav Dawar, CEO of Flabthug, one of Indias leading fitness and sports supplement retailer.


It is a well-known fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, therefore, it is significant for an individual to maintain a sound physical as well as mental health as both are inter connected to each other. The perception of a healthy body has changed with times. In todays competitive world, its very essential to look healthy and fit to attain the desired stature in every walk of life. In whatever profession we want to get into theres a demand of active and fit people. To fulfill this demand, it is very important to do regular physical exercise. As people now a days are keen on joining gym to get fast and effective results, it becomes very essential for them to figure out the accurate ways of doing exercises and know which one to adopt to gain preferred results.


Squat is the best way of workout to attain excellent results in a stipulated time frame. It is a well know exercise to boost our vital energy and make us completely fit. One can easily carry out this exercise on a daily basis, as it is relatively simple and does not involve any equipment. Squat is considered as a leg exercise but is beneficial for the whole body. It not only builds muscles of the entire body, but also helps maintain mobility and balance. Squat, if performed properly, triggers release of testosterone hormone which is vital for muscles growth. It also improves muscle mass of other parts of the body except legs. Improved muscles contribute to better regulatation of glucose, lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity in the body and thus creates defensive shield against diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular ailment. Having a positive effect on both upper and lower parts of the body, squat is a complete workout in itself.



The deadlift is perhaps the best workout in terms of developing round, strong, glute muscles. It is safe and can be performed without difficulty. But one should have adequate flexibility to perform this great hip extension exercise in a proper way to get the desired result in making the lower back strong. One can create more impressionable physique by adding slabs of muscles if the deadlifts are performed correctly. Deadlifts are safe and require minimum equipment and preparation. To successfully perform a deadlift, one requires only a bar and the willingness to lift it. Wraps are not required and are only optional if one wants to use them. Dead lifts bring core stability to the body as it targets those major muscle groups which are actually responsible for correct posture and core strength. It helps in keeping the back straight by strengthening muscles of waist, hips, backside and lower back .It is comparatively safer and theres is no risk in performing deadlifts provided its form is correct and theres no excessive strain on the major joints.


Bench is the common phrase used among gym goers, and in particularly among men. Inclined bench has its own advantages as it helps an individual to get bigger and stronger chest which is not possible in the flat bench. The main purpose of the incline bench press is to concentrate more on the upper pecs. And if it is performed with perfection, it helps in developing the upper portion of the pectoral muscles. The reason of setting an inclined bench upto 15 to 30 degrees, is to activate your shoulders more as it is comparably similar to a shoulder press. And also because of this angle of the bench, the less stress can be put on rotator cuff which is actually a common injury when we  use the flat bench. Doing inclined bench press one actively use the shoulders at this angle, so theres no need to do extra workout for shoulders.


Like peanut butter and jelly, the bent over row and bench press go together perfectly .Upper back get stronger by exercising on the row, and it is the counterbalance of the bench which works for the Pecs and shoulders. It guarantees good body posture and also gives a lower-body and core workout. Cautions that are recommended by the experts for the people who want to perform bentover exercise is one who is having back problem should avoid doing this workout. They can certainly perform low pulley row  and this would be better option as compare to bentover exercise. Being conscious about the weight used  if there is doubt, it would be better if one could use less weight  instead of more.

There are certain do’s and dont’s  which one should apply during performing  bentover work out that dont bring the bar too high (to  your chest) and too low (to your stomach). Weight control should be required during this work out. And one shouldnt allow it to drop. There should be pause for a count of 1 when one is performing on the top of the movement. Lastly it is very important for the performer to keep the back straight. Because bending back will cause using too much weight. Keeping your head up and keeping eyes in a forward direction throughout the complete workout will give perfection to this workout.



If one wants to have an impressive broad shoulders to add to ones personality. Then shoulder press to the front exercise is the best form of workout exercise. It is actually a simple and exactly a  mass builder exercise for the shoulders. One can feel more natural than the press behind the neck and generate more power as lower back become more stable. This workout should be beneficial if certain points are kept in mind before performing it, like keeping the chest straight and avoid using upper chest for added momentum is essential.and to attain a stability while perfoming this excerse one should keep the head straight and legs firmly on the ground is very important.

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