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Madhubala Radhakrishnan M S
Founder & President, mCURA

The company works towards making healthcare IT smart by transforming desk service to mobility service that includes all hardware and software, as well as trained staff that creates the wow factor for patients, says Madhubala Radhakrishnan M S, Founder & President, mCURA in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN). Excerpts:

How is your organisation working over the concept of evolving healthcare IT domain?

The current role of healthcare IT is still confined to back office module in majority of the hospitals. It hasnt been fully implemented in areas like patient service delivery, doctors office management, automated order fulfilment, revenue leakage, monitor alerts and patient loyalty building and retention, where it is required more.


We seek to ensure the value of healthcare IT is felt across the system that will especially enhance patient/ doctor experience and generate revenue.

For instance, when a patient visits any hospital the number of queues that he or she has to stand in are — one, registration or consultation billing; two, waiting for their turn to consult the doctor asking assistants repeatedly to know how many patients before their turn; three, waiting in pharmacy queue to get medicines (and may decide to get from outside); four, waiting for any lab tests or procedures (again may decide to get from outside). For a 15-minute visit to the doctor, they have to spend over two hours inside the hospital. Allthis without touching the major problem of paper records.

mCURA works towards making healthcare IT smart by transforming desk service to mobility service that includes all hardware and software, as well as trained staffs (optional) that creates the WOW factor for patients.

How are you attempting to achieve healthcare industry goals with cloud computing?

With the help of cloud computing our agenda is to remove the current major barriers of the healthcare industry, such as:

a) Huge ITcapex

b) Multiple vendor management (hardware from vendor A, software from vendor B, licenses from vendor C etc…

c) Trained manpower and adoption

d) Patient records continuity and to achieve the goal of digital health at minimal cost across all hospitals/ clinics, irrespective of their size, to provide a better patient care.


What are the various initiatives taken by mCura to use cloud computing effectively?

Our initiatives can be classified as bringing ZeroCapexmodel for hospitals and clinics to increase adoption, integrated modules that take service delivery to the next level by bringing transparency and improving work flow, making doctors utilise clinical outcomes, increasingrevenues for health providers and securing clinical data at the right time and right place with patient authentication.

What are the relevant factors of cloud computing that can help grow the healthcare industry?

Scalability , data storage and security, authenticated access, medical image exchange, stability, data research and development, cost effectiveness, flexible and expendable framework, convenient information sharing andright information at the right place can save peoples life.

How is your organisation offering best cloud computing solutions to the healthcare industry?

mCURA has implemented the firstof- its-kind smart OPD at a major hospital in Delhi with 35,000 patient transactions a month using cloud computing. This takes the healthcare IT to the next level, as we have provided hardware, technology platform,trained manpower completely as service with zero upfront cost to hospitals. Details of deployment include hardware wall display, NFC enabled HP tablets outside every OPD chamber, 70 ipads and wi-fi printers in every OPD room, 16 card printing machines on all the counters and four heavy duty printers. Our technology platform includes modules right from appointments, queue management, e-wallet or cash cards with payment gateway and status, medical records management and e-prescription delivery, order management and continuum of care. We also offer uniformly trained staff capable of offering basic service of patient guidance to assigning 1:1 clinical secretary to each doctor to enter and manage their patient records through ipads with the option of multimedia medical advice. The real use of cloud computing is demonstrated by providing real time status update on queue, patient medical record view or access, revenue inputs to doctors from their mobile phone anywhere at anytime.

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