Danvanthiri Medical Tourism Private Limited: Offering Single Platform to Access All Healthcare Services

Sivachenduran B Co-founder & Managing Director Danvanthiri Medical Tourism Private Limited


Sivachenduran B
Co-founder & Managing Director
Danvanthiri Medical Tourism
Private Limited

In an open conversation with Kusum Kumari of Elets News Network (ENN), Sivachenduran B, Co-founder & Managing Director, Danvanthiri Medical Tourism Private Limited, shares how Danvanthiri mobile app has been offering a one-stop solution by catering to all healthcare needs or services, ranging from ambulance service to data on organ donors. Through its innovative projects, addressing the challenge of lack of manpower in healthcare, it has been successfully training unemployed youngsters as patient coordinators to act as a local guide to patients.

What were the reasons behind creating Danvanthiri and how it is different from other start-ups that are also offering a one-stop solution?

From my early days, healthcare has been one of the most inspiring concepts for me. Around 4 years back, we started Danvanthiri, where we are catering in terms of medical tourism only to theCoimbatore people. We saw the potential of healthcare industry in the Indian market and also noticed that there is no big player catering to the complete healthcare market. In this way, we got the entire idea of starting Danvanthiri and started catering to healthcare services to almost every hospital of Coimbatore. We have almost every single hospital, doctors, pharmacies, labs and everything in our panel to provide complete healthcare solutions. During this process, we also explored different streams, to comprehend how technology can be leveraged in medical tourism. Almost 80,000 patients travel annually to India for medical treatment. We had facilities in the Middle East and Maldives and tie-ups with almost every single hospital in Malé, Maldives.


We also had tie-ups with various healthcare organisations in different parts of world like the United States (US), Malaysia, etc. Based on these factors, we came to know that not every healthcare provider is catering to all segments of healthcare. We worked on providing a single platform to the end users to access all healthcare services and established Danvanthiri . Danvanthiri is on a mission to grant a single window entry to access multiple choices on high-quality and affordable healthcare services across the globe.
With the intent to offer a one-stop solution to avoid creating a junk of numerous apps, a 360 degree solution for healthcare, we have uted the following facilities:

  • Save Me Button: This is a global positioning system (GPS) enabled tracking system. Once you configure the app on your phone, you can reach nearby patient coordinator who will assist patient during emergencies with ambulance, first aid, etc. These services are built in the app. On top of that, we also have access to blood donors.
  • Organ Donor System: We are bringing in the organ donor facility. For this, we have already spoken to state and central governments for providing adequate provisions for enabling an organ donor facility. Under this system, people can request or list requirements for the needed organ or blood.
  • Ambulance Service: It is GPSenabled system which locates nearby ambulance services and can be hired on an urgent basis.
  • Medical Tourism: In case of travel requirements, flights, accommodations and travel planscan be booked. This service will be available in Phase II on our App and the work has already started to establish alliances.
  • Patient Coordinator: We have got a unique concept of patient coordinator. They are unemployed youth trained by Danvanthiri to become a patient coordinator to act as a local guide and provide healthcare assistance in a particular region.

What about the availability of Danvanthiri app and its operations?

It will be available throughout India. At this point of time, data of 15 cities is uploaded right now on the app. It is operational only in south India and we are looking for funds for expansion across pan-India. Also, we have already given free listing service for doctors, pharmacies, labs and ambulances for 15 cities on the mobile app in our first phase.

In the second phase after around 6 months, we will be introducing healthcare wearable to store all data in patients healthcare records. It will be sourcing that, doctors recommend required medical advice. This will be soon be integrated and launched in app. Danvanthiri aims to dominate IT healthcare in next 5 years.

How does this app work? What backend services are available for the same?

We have a customer care centre, where in case of any emergency customers can contact us through a toll-free number and save me button facility.


  • When patients contact customer care, the utives get information of the patient, locate them and call the nearest available medical service provider who assists patient according to the requirement.
  • With the installed app, patients can avail medical services directly with just one click.
  • It is a purely configurable appwherein customers install app, create log in id and access all the medical facilities through a single app.
  • This app is integrated with save me button which is linked to the nearest patient coordinator and provides notification to reach the nearest medical service provider. Interestingly, patients can configure contact numbers of their family members, doctors, members, clinics and pharmacies.

How are you collaborating for GPS-enabled services for ambulances?

To establish GPS-enabled services in ambulances is an important topic and for implementation of the facility, we have been collaborating with government and private ambulance service providers. GPS-enabled services in ambulances will enable patients to locate the nearest ambulance. This service will be available in our phase II.

Do you come across any regulatory issue for single window access to blood and organ donor domain?

We have regulatory issue in terms of organ donors but not in terms of blood donors system.
In terms of organ donor process, the person has to register through Danvanthiri mobile app, then he/she goes through the needed government procedure and after confirmation the donor receives certificate directly from the government. Later we submit organ donor data to Tamil Nadu Organ Donation Organization and eradicate data. For gathering information on organ donors or for providing a platform to organ donors, we need to have valid permission and an authorisation letter from the government authority.

What kind of training modules is available for training patient coordinators?

In order to become a patientcoordinator, the candidates need to go through a procedure,such as submit valid documents, including educational certificates, residence proof, proof of identity, etc. After that, they need to submit the police clearance certificate,as well as provide two reference letters from some established people of their respective cities, such as professors, academicians, etc. A patient coordinator assists healthcare patients with the required healthcare needs and their charges differ from service to service.

Do you have any business plans to expand youservices to tierIIIand tier-IV cities?

Soon we will be launching our service in tier-I cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kochi, Pune and Bengaluru. We will be expanding step by step from tier-I to tier-II and then to tier-III and tier-IV cities. Overall, we aim to launch our service in 200 cities,which will further connect to 200 cities. We believe in cluster approach and partnership approach as business models. We have signed various mutual agreements with top hospitals and healthcare service providers.

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