AMTZ: Offering High-End Product at Cost-Effective Price

Dr Pankaj Parashar

Dr Pankaj Parashar
Vice President (Technical), AMTZ

One of the main agenda of Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ) is producing high-end medical technology devices at a cost-effective price. The Technical Department of the zone mainly focuses on ensuring the same by facilitating multiple provisions within the park. Dr Pankaj Parashar, Vice President (Technical), AMTZ shares more in an interaction with Sudheer Goutham of Elets News Network (ENN)


What would be the role of Technical Department of AMTZ?

Technical Department of AMTZ would support the manufacturers setting up their factories in the park. One of the supports would be help them reduce cost of production while maintaining the best quality standards. Every industry needs to have its own machinery to manufacture products. However, high-end machineries that are commonly used by the factories in the park would be facilitated by the AMTZ in a common technical facility and allow factories to use the services at a nominal fee. For instance, all the electronic medical device manufacturing companies would need circuit board designing, soldering, testing and other machineries in common.

In AMTZ, all these high-end machineries will be provided in common scientific facilities, which will also ensure output of best quality products from the small, medium to large factories that will be set up in the zone. Similarly, common legal facilities for the intellectual property issues and international agencies for global standard assurance of the product would be provided within the AMTZ premises, so that the manufactures need not go to other countries to get the work done. As a result, cost of transport and travel is saved and end result would be reduction in cost of production. These facilities would be set up in the public-private partnership (PPP) model. Overall, the main idea of the concept is to monitor the quality and cost of the products that will come out of the zone.


ecgCan you tell us about the ancillary industries that would be dependent on AMTZ?

While AMTZ will be producing the core medical technology devices, there are six to seven segments within the medical sector that will depend and thrive on the AMTZ output. Some of them would be diagnostic disposable kits, infrastructure like beds, components, boards, capacitors, transducers and many others. All of these products have a huge market within the country, but is being imported from other countries. At the consumer end the overall cost of these imported products are passed on to the patients. However, the ancillary industries which would be manufacturing these products would grow around the AMTZ fulfilling the need of the market.

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