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Viloo Williams

Viloo Williams
Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai

Transforming Medical Infrastructure


IT has definitely evolved within the medical infrastructure. Software has always been an essential part of all medical systems but presently we look into all kinds of automated applications driving the day-to-day operations of healthcare organisations and patient services. igital technology covers many aspects as part of medical infrastructure. Earlier automated patient data collection, analysis reporting were restricted to massive computers and terminals through legacy systems. Today, all types of data can be captured, analysed, retrieved and reported on small hand-held devices, interactively from anywhere, anytime. Systems and applications have become platform-independent, database-independent and are available in various open-source formats that help in reducing costs. Web technology for mobility and telemedicine has made it possible to take healthcare services to the remotest areas.

IT Investment

Jaslok, a more than 40-year-old hospital, has been a pioneer in IT systems. Electronic ADT, billing, and payroll were implemented way back in the year 1988-89 using COBOL applications and later migrated to Oracle as backend database.Jaslok has invested a lot in IT over the past decades and is continuing to invest in better information systems.


Connecting Healthcare via IT

Reduction in patient turnaround- time during admissions, discharges, investigations or diagnostic reports, bill settlements are possible with the implemention of strong hospital information management systems (HIMS). Systems such as PAS, RIMS and IMS with integrated auto-analysers, have enabled quicker digital reporting with per cent accuracy and lesser human-error. ogistics and inventory management system helps in maintaining better inventory levels thus contributing to cost reduction. The analysis of collected data through business analytics tools helps develop research which in turn contributes to quality care for the patient.

Shift in Perception

There is a huge shift in perception among users. Doctors who never touched a computer in the past are now using digital devices efficiently. Internet access is a key driver in changing user attitudes. Any information that took days to search in books, is now available at the click of a single button as e-books, e-journals and databases. Administrative users who spent hours filling registers are the happiest lot. IT applications have helped them in capturing patient information once and retrieving it anytime, anywhere, any number of times; be it demographics, medical records, investigative reports or financial data. Imagine the amount of time saved for every type of user.

Leveraging Technology

Expectations of patients go beyond excellent medical treatment and great doctors; they want their medical information at the click of a button and get impatient with delays. We have full-fledged in-house data centre and every major function is automated like our central HIMS, PACS, HR systems and financials. Patients communicate with our hospital for everything via email, sharing digital reports and taking second opinions. Jaslok hospital is fully WiFi-enabled which is a value-added service for patients. As a next step, we are focusing on mobility-driven applications, telemedicine and improved Internet based patient engagement such as online availability of various services with a payment gateway.

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