Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in technology, announced the launch of RS80A, a premium ultrasound system designed for exceptional image quality and functions for increased diagnostic performance. The RS80A is Samsung Medisons first product to target the Radiology segment which is the largest portion in diagnostic imaging market.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Dinesh Lodha, Vice President “ Health & Medical Equipment vertical, Samsung India Electronics, said, Samsung has forayed into the radiology market with the launch of our new ultrasound system – RS80A in India. The introduction of this premium system with significant new features and technological advancements will enable users to experience a new level of diagnostic quality and convenience. Samsung will continue to put its best efforts towards developing medical devices that deliver true-to-life images and features that provide faster diagnosis.
Samsung RS80A provides clinicians with superior ultrasound performance and features ideal solutions for General Imaging. The new machine is equipped with a 23 HD LED Screen, 13.3 full function touch screen with tilt facility, 5 probe port and electronic console movement (up-down and sidewise). It also supports 10 ports Digital TGC which provides easy control with the help of reference image on the touch panel.
Exceptional Image Quality

The RS80As S-Vision Architecture provides outstanding images through newly developed S-Vision Beamformer and Imaging Engine while the 23 inch LED monitor provides clearer and brighter display. These state-of-the-art technologies ensure detailed resolution and tissue uniformity for all types of applications in Radiology and general imaging. S-Vue Transducer gives broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity to enable exquisite image quality at depth.
Higher Efficiency and Diagnostic Confidence

S-Detectâ„ uses the standardized Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS®) score for analysis and classification of targeted regions. S-Detectâ„ results in more effective diagnosis by reducing unnecessary biopsies and saving time through simplified procedures. E-Breastâ„ & E-Thyroidâ„ are the latest breast and thyroid ElastoScanâ„ (Elastography) that makes it easier for users to distinguish benign from malignant masses through acquiring the strain ratio between the target and reference area faster than before. Further, Advanced
QuickScanâ„ allows important imaging parameters to be automatically adjusted, such as color gain, location of the color box and angle correction.

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