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Heart Surgeon in Mumbai uses Google Glass in cardiac surgery



Technology and innovation in the field of healthcare are taking medical science to new heights. Dr. Pavan Kumar , Head of the department of cardiac surgery & Department of Telemedicine at Nanavati Hospital has a new tool The Google Glass, he is making use of this innovation and leaving no stone unturned to provide world class treatment to his patients. It is for the first time in India that the Google Glass will be used in the operation theatre.

The Google Glass is the latest innovation by Google and is a hands free accessory that one can wear like a pair of glasses. With voice commands and gentle taps a host of functions can be performed, a small screen on the prism of the right eye works like the screen for viewing purpose.

Cardiac surgeon Dr. Pavan Kumar, who has in his 25 years of practice has done over 10,000 cardiac surgeries, believes that this innovation and vision of the glass can be used to perform surgery, maybe even revolutionize the way doctors perform surgery. He said, Glass has tremendous potential in the medical field having used the glass for over a month Dr Kumar lists down some features of the glass that could help in health care.


Technology is the game changer in the healthcare industry. The Nanavati Hospital Telemedicine centre is in the process of developing mobile telemedicine App which will be android based, working with the third party developer for Glass. This App will record patients medical history and report and treatment offered. However Dr Kumar said that this will be possible once the Google Glass is commercially available.

In April this year Google opened up Glass sales in USA for developers to develop Apps for it in US. Recently now it is available in UK also. Gradually it will be made available in other countries before its commercial launch. Dr Kumar believes that the glass could become essential part of wearable body health gears and could also alter the course of medical practice.

This technology can help international medical efforts by breaking down geographic barriers and helping doctors in underserved areas. It arms doctors with a tool that communicate with medical professionals at real time so that there is an exchange of it and get instant solutions when needed.

What a GLASS has –

– Adjustable nosepads and durable frame fits any face.

– High resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away.

– 5 MP camera, 720 FPS video shooting

– bone Conduction Transducer for audio & through earphone.

– Wi-Fi – 802.11b/g , Bluetooth

– 12 GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage. 16 GB Flash total.

– Touch pad for swiping commands.

What a GLASS does for you “

– It can be synchronised with IPAD / IPHONE allowing all phone functions like, calling, answering, texting SMS, reading email, twittering, watching You Tube & video calling, broad casting an event.

– Searches Web for you.

– Take pictures, video upto 1 Hr.

– Translate signboards to English

– Google Maps for directions & dozen of commonly use Apps in Glassware gallery.

Google Glass in Medical field “

1. The glass has the ability to record and live stream the operating procedure which will be helpful for students and peers, at the same time uploading this video will be helpful for future reference. At times while performing a procedure the doctor could even run a Google search to look for options to help him out, all of this through simple voice commands.

2. The glass can be useful for Live streaming / beaming medical lectures to logged in network users like live webcasting an event.

3. Glass is wearable head mounted device so it can be great tool for body health parameter monitoring like, heart rate, Jogging record , temp, B. P. monitoring, later on brain related parameters can be added upon.

4. What is interesting is that this can prove to have great potential in Telemedicine where peripheral centres can do video conference with specialist centre through Glass via portable Mobile WIFI hot spot.

5. In times of emergency Glass will prove to be immensely beneficial to seek experts helps ad manage critically ill patients so that correct line of treatment can be started immediately without any delay.

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