Hemoglobinopathies is a severe problem in our country. Prence of sickle cell anaemia and thallasemia is higher in some of the geographical regions and communities. If parents have hemoglobinopathies and are carriers, then children born to such parents have 25 percent chance of being affected by severe forms of the disease. In such cases, parents have the right to be informed and to make a free choice regarding primary prevention. Several countries are offering primary prevention programme for populations where carriers are routinely diagnosed in childhood, before marriage, in early pregnancy or at birth.

Hemoglobinopathies can be diagnosed by detecting and quantifying various haemoglobin fractions like HbF (α2γ2), HbA (α2β2) and HbA2 (α2δ2). In healthy adults, haemoglobin comprises of HbA (~97%) and HbA2 (~2.7%), with only trace amounts of HbF Newborn babies show higher concentrations of HbF.  Sebia, France is the single largest company with dedicated product line for Clinical


Electrophoresis with Agarose gel Electrophoresis and Capillarys Electrophoresis. Trivitron Healthcare represents Sebia, France in India. Capillarys Electrophoresis is the recent most advanced technology which provides walkway convenience for electrophoresis. This FDA and CE approved method offers quantitation and detection of normal and abnormal haemoglobins, as an aid in the diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies and thalassemias.

Sebias fully automated system speeds and simplifies processing because its completely hands free from bar-coded sample tube to final results also it includes a robust database that can store up to 100,000 capillarys  electrophoresis result curves and
data and the system can automatically delimit curves and identify the fractions, reducing the need for operator editing.

Capillrys Hemoglobin also provides very enhanced resolution and foculisation in the separation of Hb A2, F and S especially useful in Sickle Cell anemia diagnosis and very clear detection of Hb Barts and Hb H which are indicators of alpha- thalssemia.

The capillarys system also features an onboard dropdown Hb variant library and stored control reference curve overlay visible on the screen.

Sebia Capillryss electrophoresis used for other types of analysis including: serum / urine protein electrophoresis,  Immuno typing (automated immunofixation alternative), and CDT (a marker for chronic alcohol abuse)

Sebia offers Capillrys 2 Flex Piercing system which uses whole blood analysis for hemoglobin electrophoresis with no pre- analytical preparations.Also capillarys 2 Neonat Fast for Newborn Screening. The HbA1c analysis will be available soon on Capillarys by using the same technology.

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