July 2015

Connected Healthcare through Smart Medical Devices

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Dr Karthik Anantharaman, Chief Marketing Officer, BPL Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd

Welcome to the World of Connected Healthcare! Revolutionise the way you treat patients through the advanced remote monitoring products, says Dr Karthik Anantharaman, Chief Marketing Officer, BPL Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd

In the current era of Internet of Things (IoT), the smart IoT technologies and products are available at each and every customer touch points in their daily life. BPL Medical Technologies has taken significant steps towards creating technologies that bridge the gap between the doctors and patients and elevate the quality of healthcare delivered to patients.

For example, routine monitoring of health is a must for cardio-diabetic patients, but the effort it takes to seek appointments and travel to see the doctor for routine health monitoring is a deterrent. This is the primary cause because of which a significant percentage of patients with chronic disorders like cardio-diabetic conditions are lost to follow up.

BPL LifePhone Plus BG, a homecare smart ECG solution with inbuilt glucometer, helps such cardio- diabetic patients that need monitoring to take 12 lead ECG and blood glucose measurements from the comfort of home or office and instantly share it with their doctor using a mobile phone app and seek consultation. The doctor can easily look at the ECG on his/her phone or computer and send back an instant consultation to the patient. The consultation fee for each consultation is collected through a payment gateway built into the app and credited to the account of the doctor/hospital. Doctors can also help walk-in patients use it/prescribe it for home-care thus making it easier to monitor the patient remotely.

The technology also provides an option of having a backup doctor in case the primary doctor is not available. This novel hand held device can be used with an android smartphone and weighs only 70 grams. No gels and external electrodes would be required for measurement and hence zero running cost or maintenance cost for the doctor/hospital. A secure cloud-based medical record storage system enables 24/7 access to medical records to both patients and doctors alike. BPL LifePhone Plus has been clinically validated at leading medical institutions such as Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and Narayana Health City, Bangalore. This technology will serve as a proven way to improve cardio-diabetic wellness at reduced cost through self-management and will facilitate hands-on prevention among hospitals, physicians, caregivers and patients.

In ultrasound imaging, BPL- Alpinion’s E-CUBE range of Color Doppler systems provide a unique real-time ultrasound image sharing solution called CUBE View, which will elevate the quality of service that the doctors provide. CUBE View is world’s first real-time ultrasound image sharing solution. Through wireless connection and CUBE View app, doctors can access live ultrasound images from their iPhone or iPad anywhere, anytime. This is a very useful solution that will make the doctors life easy and help them to provide better service to their patients.


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