Maharashtra Making Healthcare a Reality for All

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With a population of more than 115 million, Maharashtra is the second largest state in India. A proactive public and private sector dominant in the state is driving new models of healthcare delivery. The contribution of private players has been primarily in strengthening the quality healthcare in the metro cities with installation of state of the art technology and design elements that appeal to the high-networked individuals as well as middle class section of society. The state government on the other hand has introduced many schemes and extended support programmes to uplift the public healthcare pyramid in the state. The latest being the introduction of quality standards for all government hospitals to upgrade the level of care and engrain the concept of processes, documentation and standards. The state has also seen adoption of new technologies and IT as a tool for bringing quality and efficiency in healthcare. The smaller towns and cities are also emerging as investment and excellence centres as many hospital chains are now opening hospitals to tap the potential in these markets. In terms of nature of hospitals, the state has seen arrival of both multi-speciality and single specialty hospitals especially in eye and orthopedic care in recent times. Lifestyle diseases have been on the rise and many hospitals are now expanding to new dedicated clinic services for obesity, breast cancer, diabetes, asthama and many more. As a series of special focus section, we will explore the new models of healthcare emerging across the state.

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