About us

eHEALTH is more than a decade old now and it has been keenly observing all the changes occurring in the healthcare landscape. It might prove to be a herculean task to put our range of activities in few words to create vivid memories.

In brief, eHEALTH, as an online and print platform, elegantly guides the healthcare stakeholders through the trajectory of healthcare that witness fascinating changes on a daily basis due to increased technological intervention and other structural changes.

eHEALTH strives to create a community of practice by enabling the policymakers and stakeholders to conduct brilliant exploration of key lacunas, as well as stunning opportunities that can widen the reach of dedicated healthcare service providers through the length and breadth of both within and outside the Indian market.
Moreover, eHEALTH is not merely the voice of Indian healthcare system, but also a game-changer that plays a crucial role in forging collaborations and partnerships between players in the field by bringing them on the same platform through our much coveted and awaited annual event. We have been successfully transforming healthcare space by highlighting the latest trends and gaps.

eHEALTH invites all stakeholders to join us in this journey of healthcare innovation and transformation ready to illuminate the growth journey of the Indian economy and offer cost-effective Quality Care to all.