Techinvention Lifecare Private Limited, a biotech company dedicated to advancing global health equity with a focus on low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), has been selected as a consultant by the Botswana Vaccine Institute (BVI) for a significant project. This project involves the establishment of a state-of-the-art, cGMP-compliant veterinary vaccine manufacturing unit at BVI’s existing facility in Gaborone, Botswana.

The collaboration includes comprehensive project management responsibilities for BVI, a state-owned entity with a legacy of manufacturing and supplying essential veterinary vaccines since the 1970s. The new initiative will introduce a blending and filling block for veterinary vaccines that adheres to cGMP standards, along with other stringent global guidelines. 

The objective of this initiative is to expand BVI’s capacity to produce a wider range of high-quality, efficacious, and safe veterinary vaccines. This will ensure that BVI meets regulatory requirements, enabling them to serve the regional market’s needs better and explore new markets. The project began in 2022 and is on track to be completed and fully operational by 2026.

Mr. Syed Ahmed, CEO of Techinvention, has expressed unwavering support for BVI, emphasizing the strategic importance and urgent need for such a facility in the region. Likewise, Mr. Andrew Madeswi, CEO of BVI, reaffirmed the institute’s commitment to enhancing its manufacturing capabilities to ensure access to affordable, high-quality vaccines for the country and the broader region.

This collaboration represents a significant step towards bolstering veterinary healthcare in the region, ensuring the availability of critical vaccines, and supporting regional and global health initiatives.

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