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Metropolis Healthcare Limited, India’s premier diagnostic service provider, has made a significant stride in prenatal care with its latest study, emphasizing the importance of accurate prenatal testing for expecting couples. The extensive three-year study, conducted from January 2021 to December 2023 and involving 140,528 pregnant women, showcases the impact of Pregascreen Reflex Testing combined with Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) or Karyotyping in accurately identifying high-risk pregnancies.

The study findings are noteworthy:

  • Out of 140,528 pregnancies, 5,879 were flagged as high-risk through conventional early trimester screenings.
  • By integrating NIPT with Pregascreen Reflex Testing, the accuracy in detecting genuine high-risk cases significantly improved.
  • In the first trimester, 2,416 cases were initially labeled high-risk through dual marker testing. Post NIPT reflex testing, only 64 remained high-risk, accurately reassessing 1,142 cases as low-risk.
  • In the second trimester, of the 3,463 high-risk cases identified by Quadruple marker tests, NIPT reclassified 455 cases as low-risk, with just 20 remaining high-risk.

These results underscore the superior precision of NIPT and Pregascreen Reflex Testing in prenatal screening. By reducing false positives and accurately identifying high-risk pregnancies, this approach facilitates more targeted and effective prenatal care, enhancing outcomes for both mothers and babies.

Mr. Surendran Chemmenkotil, CEO of Metropolis Healthcare Limited, stated: “Our commitment at Metropolis goes beyond diagnostics. Our innovative Reflex Testing, established years ago, provides comprehensive and conclusive diagnoses, reducing time and costs for patients. We aim to advance maternal health testing with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and screening technologies, positioning Metropolis as a leader in Women and Child healthcare. Through extensive research studies, we strive to empower patients and healthcare providers with crucial knowledge for informed decisions.”

Dr. Kirti Chadha, Chief Scientific and Innovation Officer at Metropolis Healthcare Limited, added: “The Pregascreen Reflex Test is a cost-effective, scientific approach that surpasses traditional screening methods. It is non-invasive, quick, and minimizes miscarriage risks. Early detection of chromosomal abnormalities significantly reduces psychological stress for expectant parents. This test proves highly accurate in detecting fetal chromosomal abnormalities early in pregnancy, alleviating potential emotional trauma for families.”

Overall, the integration of Pregascreen Reflex Testing with NIPT offers numerous benefits. It enhances diagnostic accuracy, is non-invasive, and mitigates risks associated with invasive procedures. Additionally, it broadens access to advanced prenatal diagnostics for a wider range of expectant couples. Metropolis Healthcare is dedicated to expanding its services and incorporating the latest technologies to reduce maternal health burdens and improve access to innovative healthcare solutions. This evolution of the reflex testing model reflects Metropolis’s commitment to excellence and innovation, promising a healthier future for mothers and their babies.

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