Health; a stated term with subjectivity and ways to refine it, has become the talk of the nation since a decade. Now that we are more equipped, better exposed, immensely into routine “ HEALTH is becoming a significant part of us. Its easier said than done and practiced a concept.

HealthWe follow fitness gurus, choose which blog to read regularly, make sure that that extra spoon of oil doesnt bother us, but at the same time party hard and consume junk like no ones business.

Health nowadays, is more of a content initiator on the web than a real thing.

You need to be disease free in all aspects to be stated as a healthy, life sustaining human being.

There are multiple factors that contribute to us being healthy which includes genetics, environment, relationships and education. There are a few elements like diet, lifestyle, exercise and diagnostic tests that help further to achieve a overall good health.

And deciphering nutrition fact from fiction and personal anecdotes from expert-backed advice is no easy task.

Hence, here are some perspectives about HEALTH, that might give you a reality check!

Mental, Physical Or Spiritual “ What shall I define my state as?

Well, coming to terms with the present living standards and way of society, health is no more a particular state. You could be dealing with all in one or one in all!
All youve to do is, recognize the agony aunt and move ahead.

Gym is not my kind of thing!
Yoga “ Maybe?!

With the inevitable structure of marketing segments, its unavoidable to join this course or that. But do you even know that your body might need 2% of guidance and 98% of convincing discipline? Think about it!

I am happy!
I have a job, a girlfriend or a spouse and a settled future “ do I need something else?
Sometimes, its all about that streak of imagination that will give you utter happiness and provide food for thought. After all, we are machines working 24/7 to do what? SUSTAIN OUR OLD AGE OR OUR CHILDRENS MARRIAGE EXPENSES?

It may not be possible to not get ailments now and then, but doing as much as we can to develop resilience and prepare our body and mind to deal with our health issues is what is very important.

It is essential to approach “health” as a whole, instead of taking care of each and every aspect separately.
So pull up your socks and ask yourself what is the best way you and your loved ones can stay and live healthy and adapt an overall healthy lifestyle.

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