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There has been an alarming increase in the number of low risk cesarean  section deliveries across the globe and thereby a growing concern about the fad. C-Section is indisputably a more convenient method. The baby is out within minutes and the expecting mother is saved from all the trouble of long hours of labor pain.

Expecting parents around the world have become obsessed with perfection, opting for a numerological correct date and time of child birth, thereby resorting to C-section, even in low or no risk pregnancies. Every parent has the right to choose the manner of childbirth. However, there seems to be a lack of awareness around the world. People are accepting what they are being fed, without using their discretion. Heres a chance to weigh out the differences between the normal and cesarean deliveries.

Myth Buster

  • Cesarean section is less painful than normal delivery- The truth is, a mother who has given birth through C-section cant hold the child on the first day because she is categorically told to rest for 12 hours and not to sit at all.
  • It’s impossible to have vaginal delivery if your first-born was through C-section- This is just another way of giving up on the struggle towards natural childbirth.

Tough as it may seem, vaginal delivery is a more empowering experience than a C-section, for the mother is actively involved in the birthing. Its the natural course of birth where in the mother and babys skin is in contact and hence gives more satisfaction to the mother. The mother recovers sooner and the baby is more immune to respiratory and other disorders. The babies can breastfeed sooner. Anxiety however, in this mode, is the major grappling concern. The expecting mother is anxious about the long hours that the labor might take. Pain in the vaginal area might persist for a while.

Medical technology gave a boon to mankind in terms of C-Section, by saving the high-risk pregnancies. C-Section becomes convenient in case of twins.

Any surgical intervention takes its time to heal. There are risks of infections. Hence the mother is supposed to follow a certain precautions. The method does not allow immediate contact between the baby and mother, which becomes emotionally painful.

Every pregnancy is unique and so is the experience of bringing a life on earth. Thus, as responsible parents, you must discuss your case in detail with your gynaecologist in person. Understand how both the methods have the potential to change your and your babys life. Use your discretion and choose what works best for you.

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