IT Gives AIIMS Greater Transparency, Accountability


Dr Deepak Agrawal 
Chairman, Computerisation, AIIMS New Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has very mature IT systems in place with full featured EMR, HIS, stores, billing and PACS across the campus, says Dr Deepak Agrawal, Chairman, Computerisation, AIIMS New Delhi, in an interview with Arpit Gupta of Elets News Network (ENN)

How IT as a part of medical infrastructure has evolved in the country over the past two decades?

IT has revolutionised healthcare delivery across the globe and particularly in public sector hospitals. India can similarly harness the power of IT to dramatically improve the quality of services provided by the government run hospitals. AIIMS has been at the forefront of this technology enablement and has been able to fine-tune its processes to better serve the 3 million patients who visit this institution every year.

What are the IT investments made by AIIMS in the initial years?

The initial investment was on hardware and on the local IT team which has paid handsomely over the medium to long term.

Do you see a shift in perception among users (non-medical and medical) viz-avis IT applications in healthcare?

There has been a dramatic shift in the acceptability of using IT among all classes of users in the healthcare sector and I believe that this change is due to the rise of social media like Facebook as well as smartphones which has made people use IT as an integral part of their daily lives.

How does AIIMS use IT to scale up healthcare?

We have used IT to revamp our workflows and processes so that the system is more transparent and accountable to the common man. AIIMS is the only hospital in India to have an online appointment system that is accessed by lakhs of people from across the globe every year.

What drives innovation? Is it strategy or the availability of a specific technology?

I believe leadership and a conducive ecosystem are essential to drive innovation.

How does AIIMS use IT to ensure common patient experience across all branches?

AIIMS has very mature IT systems in place with full featured EMR, HIS, stores, billing and PACS across the campus. In addition innovative IT solutions like online appointment system have been designed in-house.

How do you see the future of IT driven hospitals in India?

India is still at a nascent stage in implementing IT in healthcare and the future is extremely bright due to availability of IT resources, interest of all shareholders and absence of legacy systems in majority of hospitals in India.

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