Atlanta Healthcare Air Purifiers Cut Pollution Down to 0.1 Micron


Vibhor Jain
CEO, Atlanta Healthcare

Atlanta Healthcare is providing sustainable, economical and at the same time cutting edge solutions to the problem of air pollution. With wide variety of air quality solutions on offer, ranging from air purifiers to breathing pollution masks, we hope to be able to help people breathe pure and lead healthy lives, both indoors and outdoors, says Vibhor Jain, CEO, Atlanta Healthcare in an interaction with Elets News Network (ENN)

Air pollution has been a significant concern in India for more than a decade. Its just that it never got the right attention. One of the key reasons for the same is that on occasions the health impact of air pollution is long term and therefore people tend to ignore the short term symptoms. On the other hand, the aggregate impact of air pollution on health is quite visible with increased cases of asthma, bronchial diseases and extreme ailments including fatigue, lower fertility, cancer and heart diseases in India, and one of the many causes for this is worsening air quality.

In our assessment public awareness and education has to be the basic building block to handle this epidemic. In this context, over last 7 years Atlanta Healthcare has focused a lot on consumer awareness and education across segments. From making people aware of professional hazards linked to quality of air they breathe, to educating mothers, kids and other segments on causes and its remedial; Atlanta Healthcares endeavor is to help everyone breathe pure air.

While various initiatives to curb air pollution get uted, Atlanta Healthcare in parallel is offering effective products in the form of Air purifiers and pollution masks to not only help the impacted segment breathe pure and stay health but also save millions of kids and new born from bronchial diseases.

Atlanta Healthcare developed iClusterTM Technology (Intelligent + multi-stage synchronised filtration Technology), which focuses on eradicating various pollutants present in Indian environment. A single filtration technology cannot eradicate all pollutants and therefore for effective purification, multiple filtration technologies need to work in tandem.

Atlanta Healthcare air purifiers are being deployed at homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, bars, hospitals, IVF centres, currency chest, data centres and a host of other applications. Atlanta Healthcare air purifiers use iClusterTM technology which includes a series of filtration technologies working in tandem from HEPA, ULPA, activated carbon, molecular sieve, PCO, cold catalyst, to UV, Ionizer and ESP. This provides an end-to-end solution for improving indoor air quality. Further from a particulate size standpoint, our air purifiers provide purification up to 0.1 micron depending on the product.

Atlanta Healthcare is in active consultations with Governments and municipal authorities to help work out implementation plan to curb air pollution.

Our recent collaboration with UK based Cambridge Mask Co. to offer military grade pollution masks is testimony to our concern over air pollution and provide best products to our customers.

Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge masks blend the best of British technology and aesthetic elements. The family friendly N99 certified antipollution masks use filters developed by the British Ministry of Defence to filter bacteria, viruses, gases and small pollution particles such as PM2.5. These masks have 3-layer filtration with primary filter layer and three-ply micro particulate filter, and Military grade carbon filter to provide a complete solution in totality

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