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Sanjay Jaiswal, Founder & MD, Airox Technologies Private Limited, says Airsep Oxygen Generator uses state-of-the-art technology that customises Indian weather condition to provide purified oxygen in conversation with Romiya Das of Elets News Network (ENN)

Sanjay Jaiswal, Founder & MD, Airox Technologies Private Limited

Sanjay Jaiswal,
Founder & MD, Airox Technologies Private Limited

How do you see the healthcare infrastructure market in India compared to global market?

Indias per capita expenditure on healthcare is very low compared with developed countries such as US (per capita healthcare expenditure of US$ 4,700 in 2010), the UK (US$ 1,700), Japan (US$ 2,800), etc. This is primarily on account of low disposable income and low government spend, the Indian government expenditure on healthcare is amongst the lowest, accounting for 4.2 per cent of the total GDP. At present, the general public meets around 78 per cent of their total health expenditure. There are fundamental differences between the markets in India relative to the developed markets. India has tremendous growth prospects in healthcare. The market in India is quite nascent, so the regulations, standards, and different parameters of how the health system is set up are in their infancy and are being created. Thats a big difference compared with the western world. Also, there is tremendous amount of price sensitivity in this market, so the point of affordability is absolutely paramount, having a product [priced], or pricing the service, at a very affordable rate is absolutely critical.

Please elaborate on Airsep Oxygen Generator?

How does it contribute in enhancing health infra? Airsep Oxygen Generator is onsite oxygen production system for hospitals. The air is taken from the atmosphere which gets purified through different driers and filters. Medical grade oxygen is then separated through purified air through molecular sieve which is centrally connected to hospital oxygen supply. Like magnet, molecular sieves strongly attract certain type of molecules which have positive and negative electric poles. For this reason, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, hydrocarbons, water etc. are absorbed and oxygen passes through. For this reason CO2 and CO in our system does not exceed 100 & 2 PPM respectively which is far less than 300 & 5 PPM that is found in cryogenic oxygen. Besides this, our system offers benefits over cryogenic and cylinder oxygen such as saving 50 70 per cent on hospital oxygen consumption bills, our system is far safer than cryogenic and cylinder oxygen, it saves space as the compact system can be installed on terrace or in a room. It does not have heating transmission, evaporation and leakage problem which is major problem with liquid oxygen. Moreover, one can never be assured about cylinder filling. The manpower, stock maintenance, billing etc. are overheads which reduce with our system.

What are the unique features of Airsep Oxygen Generator?

To maintain 4.5 bar pressure and consistent purity at Indian conditions with such high Indian temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure one requires state-of-the-art Technology. Ours is only proven product which works in Indian atmospheric condition with more than 150 installations across India. The Zeolite that separates oxygen from air is developed by core team of Airsep Corporation in the USA, which is not available with any competitor. Our PSA process is unique and cannot beduplicated. Due to this, robust process and our service team with 35 dedicated engineers and spare parts inventory of almost 3 crore, we can guaranty minimum 20 years life of our system. These things make us the market leader in India with more than 90 per cent market share in Indian private hospitals.

What are your business plans?

With our tag line Oxygen for Modern Hospital, major corporate groups are already our customers and we want other key hospitals in India to incorporate this system. We have 80 employees and 20 distributors across the India to achieve our goal. We are also launching ETV (Electric Tracking Vehicle), a German technology in India which will be major revolution in Indian hospital industry. This technology is a modern way of transporting hospital material within hospital which reduces manpower, electricity cost, improves workflow and transports goods such as surgical instruments, pharmaceuticals, IV bags, blood bags, lab specimens, reports etc.

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